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Age determined as of August first (1)
each year.

  •     JUNIOR                   13 and under
  •       INTERMEDIATE     14 thru 17
  •       SENIOR A                18 thru 30
  •       SENIOR B                31 thru 43
  •       SUPER SENIOR A  44 thru 56
  •      SUPER SENIOR B   57 & overs

  • Horse will have to run three times in a faster time classification before
    reclassification upward will occur.  Horses shall move up for the next show.
  • Regions shall issue wallet sized cards stating horse's classification in each
    event.  When a horse's classification is moved upward in any event, a new card
    will be issued.  To be dropped from present classification to the next lower class
    (example: A to B, B to C, C to D) will require 5 consecutive times slower
    (excluding times with penalties) than the present classification.
  • An unknown or unclassified member horse appearing at a show will be placed in
    the appropriate ABCD category for the next show according to the first qualifying
    time run in each event and will remain in that category until reclassification
    occurs.  Horse shall retain any awards won at the first show.
  • Out of state horses shall retain their current ABCD classifications when entering
    a PSHA approved show.
  • Non-PSHA riders may ride in the ABCD Jackpot classified events with a "X"
    number but may not compete for year end awards, three time averages, or for
    day awards in all classes.
  • Classified horses may compete in any higher classification, but may not ride
    down in class.  All times will count toward reclassification.  Any horse found to be
    illegally entered in a class shall lose all times in that event for that day.
  • Times earned at closed or restricted shows (State Finals, Interstate, and the
    Classic Show) will be used for reclassification.
  • The same horse/rider combination may appear only once in the same event.
  • The same horse or rider may appear multiple times in an event.  Junior,
    Intermediate, Group I, II, III, and IV and ABCD classified events are considered
    separate events.  Two  man and four man teams, a rider may appear with a
    different horse/rider combination, but no horse may compete against itself.
    Classified horses cannot enter below their classification.
  • Show management will offer a Jackpot Open Class for all individual events and
    optional for all team (2 man and 4 man events) at any PSHA approved show.  
    Entry fee will be a minimum of $5.00.  State and Region to receive same cents
    per ride as in ABCD classes.    Times run in this class will count for classifications
    and 3 time averages.
How do I get signed up?
In order to be eligible to compete at all levels (local shows, State Finals, and Interstate) you
need to:
1. Complete your Membership Application and submit to PSHA Treasurer along with the
appropriate membership fee.  Please make checks payable to PSHA.  Address on application.
2.  Contact your local club or region representative if you require a region competitor number.  
3. Complete the Rider Registration form (available on-line) or in your rulebook)
and submit it to the PSHA Times Keeper.

Now that I’m eligible, how do I qualify to ride at State Finals?
PSHA holds shows throughout the Pacific NW.  Local shows are open to anyone who wants to
participate in patterned speed events.  You don’t have to be a member, but only members are
eligible for our year-end events.  We have three year-end events held the last few weeks of
August.  You qualify to ride at these events by establishing an average.  The average is made
up of your 3 fastest times run in an event.  One of the times must be from a different arena.  
Based on your average you may ride at the following events:
State Finals: By invitation only, you must achieve one of the top 15 (10 in team events)
averages in the Association, within your age division for Juniors and Intermediates.  Seniors
will be divided into 4 groups with the top 15 riders in group one, then 2nd 15 riders in group 2
and 3rd 15 riders in group 3 and 4th 15 riders in group 4 in all individual events run by fastest
averages.  Must pay an awards fee of $25.00 before riding or collect sponsorship money.  See
Forms on State Finals tab.

Interstate:  By invitation only, PSHA’s top 10 Juniors and Seniors go head to head against
Western Horsemen of Oregon’s’ top 10.  This competition is held Labor Day Weekend.  The
location varies each year, somewhere in WA or OR.    

How do I keep track of my times and averages?
After an event is completed, the club posts the arena sheets for riders to review.  All your
times are recorded on the arena sheets.  By checking these regularly at the show, you have
the opportunity to correct any errors in recording before sheets are sent to the Times Keeper.  

What do I do if I wasn’t invited to State and I think I should have been?
Even though we have a State Times Keeper, each rider should keep track of their own times.  
If you feel there has been an error, contact our Times Keeper to discuss the problem.  Be
prepared with the dates and arena’s you are using to establish your average.  We try very
hard to maintain accuracy, but no one cares more about your average than you.  It’s helpful to
know that towards the end of the season, usually during the month of July, the Times Keeper
makes “Sneak-A-Peek” available.  This is the official averages for all the riders in PSHA.