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ack Bower, riding Buzzy
eserved Duncan Parks, riding Raz
indsay Sogge, riding Reno
Reserved Tyler Green, riding Ruby
Juniors singing the National Anthem at 2013 State Finals
Interstate Queen for 2017

Hello! My name is Emma Vine and I am
honored to represent all of you as your
2017 Interstate Queen.

I am the 19-year-old daughter of Randy
and Rachelle Vine and I live in
Bellingham, Washington where I am
currently attending Whatcom
Community College to pursue a degree
in Dental Hygiene. I had a blast
representing Interstate as one of the
2017 Princesses and I can’t wait to see
what the next year as in store as your
Interstate Queen.

I began riding horses at the age of 11
and quickly learned Gaming was my
passion. I have been riding with the
Nooksack Valley Riders and Pattern
Speed Horse Association for six years.
I currently have two horses, a 13-year-
old mare named Mocha and a 4-year-
old gelding named Duke.

What is Interstate all about? Well, in
1957, a challenge was made by Oregon
and answered by Washington. Twenty
of the best horses from Washington
and Oregon met in Portland to settle
the issue of who had the fastest games
horses. The outcome was the birth of
the Interstate Championship Games
Meet.  60 years later the tradition lives
on and we're still riding to win!

I am very excited to have the
opportunity to help carry on the
tradition of the Interstate Games
competition as your 2017 Interstate
Queen. I want to thank everyone for
their love and support over the past
year as your Interstate Princess, I
couldn’t have done it without all of you.
If you have any questions, feel free to
contact me at emma.interstate@gmail.
com or at (360)296-1800.
Megan Howard is the 18 year old daughter of
Lonnie and Suzy Howard.  The family lives in
Wenatchee where Megan will be graduating this
June from Wenatchee High School.  She has
been an Appleatchee Rider member since she
was born, which means riding horses just as
long.  Upon graduating High School Megan has
been accepted at the Northwest Culinary
Institute in Vancouver, WA and will begin Oct.
2, 2017.  If you haven't had one of her cupcakes,
then you have missed out.
Here is a paragraph taken from Megan's Essay.
"Through owning and riding horses, they have
affected my life in many ways. I realized my
love and passion for my best friends and how I
need to appreciate them every day. Horses
have shaped me into who I am today by
teaching me qualities like responsibility and
patience. Finally, horses have introduced me to
a wonderful group of people that I am proud to
call my second family. Not everyone will get to
experience this safe haven that I am lucky
enough to be apart of; but, I’m blessed for the
experiences I’ve had because of horses and I
wouldn’t trade them for the world."
2017 Interstate Scholarship Application