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Juniors singing the National Anthem at 2013 State Finals
Congratulations to our
2019 PSHA Scholarship Winner
Grace LeSueur
Grace graduated from Bellevue Christian High School.  Her
parents are Larry and Nancy.  She has been gaming for 12
Team.  Grace plans on studying this fall at Biola University
in La Mirada California seeking a major in Art and a minor
in Biblical Studies.  Her real desire is to study abroad in
Brighton, England for a semester and discover the art that
exists in other places.  

Hi there! My name is Tressa Merrill, and I am
your 2020 Interstate Queen candidate. I am
the 18 year old daughter of Justin and Kristi
Merrill, older sister to Treysen and we reside
in Lynden, WA. I am currently a senior at
Lynden Christian High School where I am
involved in FFA and am on the Washington
High School Equestrian Team.

My plan after graduating is to pursue a career
as a Dental Hygienist. I am blessed to have
grown up in a horse loving family. My Great
Grandpa Tjoelker competed with the
Nooksack Valley Riders and passed his love
of horses onto my Grandparents on down to
my parents and now to me.

Outside of school, I am an active member of
the Nooksack Valley Riders and Patterned
Speed Horse Association alongside my
freckled best friend, Ruby Sue. She has been
my trusty companion throughout all of
WAHSET and has proven herself to be a
rockstar as an all-around horse. Ruby Sue is a
very special horse to our family. My Grandpa
Marlan Merrill raised her, my mom trained her,
my Grandpa Marv Tjoelker seasoned her, and
I have taken over the fun part of finishing and
competing on her. She has been a labor of
love for sure!

Interstate has been a huge part of my life for
as long as I can remember. I have been
attending Interstate since I was born and
competed at my first one at the age of 9 on
the great horse, Tru. It is hard to believe that I
am working on qualifying for my 10th year
already. Ruby Sue is the 7th horse I have
been fortunate enough to have qualified to
ride at Interstate. I am thankful for friends
who have given me the opportunity to ride
their great horses over the years, each one
has taught me so much. I have been blessed
to win a Figure 8 buckle and also Team Flags
and Team Baton buckles (thanks to the team
made up of my grandparents and dad)! It is an
indescribable feeling to win one of those
prestigious buckles!

PSHA and WHO have become a family and are
always supporting me. From cheering me on
to making sure that I always had the next
horse to move up to, I wouldn’t be who I am
today without the love and support they have
shown. I feel that it is my turn to give back to
my friends and family in the horse world. I
want to help promote Interstate as this show
has given me such a passion to compete with
my horses.

I am beyond excited to represent PSHA, WHO,
and Interstate and look forward to meeting
each and every one of you. Wishing you a
season of fun, memories, and fast runs!
2020 Interstate Princess
Tressa Merrill
Graduating Seniors for 2020
PSHA Scholarship of $1766.00
will be awarded in June.  Apply soon
deadline is May 15th.
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