PSHA November 2021 Newsletter

Presidents Notes:

Hello PSHA family. Winter is upon us. The holidays are coming. For some of you that doesn’t change much. You’ll keep riding nearly as much as you did all summer – you’ll just be a little more cold and wet as you do so. For many, though, this is a time to let their horse be pasture pets and just consume groceries. A time to rest and reset for the competition year ahead.

As many of you know, I often look back at things I have put in this newsletter for reference and a guide for the year. But this time it’s different. This is my last newsletter as President of PSHA. It has been an honor to be at the front of this organization. I am grateful to have met and become friends with so many people in this family. I hope that I have represented you well for the last five-plus years.

I left convention proud of some of the conversations there being had. I can remember spending many conventions in the past listening to many heated, bitter debates over how we run events. The last couple years, convention has been more calm. There has been more discussion about how we hold on to this organization that we love. There has been more thought about how we re-invest and grow the organization. The result is that we’re gaining a vision of where we need to go to be a better and bigger family. It won’t be easy, but we’ve started walking the path.

We are designing a new and more interactive website. We are accepting and moving into a more electronic age. We’re re-thinking why we do things and asking if that is still the best way for us to move forward. We are looking for ways to get people more involved. That is how organizations get better, grow, and survive. I am really proud of this accomplishment.

As Nate takes over leadership of the organization, I know that he shares a passion for this family. He’s been apart of it for more years than me. And, as long as I can remember, he’s been involved in helping it get better. I have a lot of faith in him, and the executive team that supports him, to continue taking us forward.

I have to say a few words of thanks to some pretty important people. First and foremost, Melonie. She is my partner in life and has been my conscience in leading you. She loves this organization as much as anybody. I couldn’t have managed the last 5 years without her love and support.

Lesa and Kirk, words can’t express how much I appreciate you both. Your love and passion for this organization are truly special. Your support, belief and guidance were invaluable.

The executive team that has been by my side has been amazing. Shannon, Amy, Lauren, Rose and Klayton, I appreciate your patience, time, and dedication to PSHA.

Now it’s time for me to be put out to pasture. But, just like our horses, I am not really going anywhere. I am excited to be able to do a few things behind the scenes and helping wherever I am needed. I owe a lot to this organization. It’s been an extended family to me for 12 years. It’s helped raise my kids. It’s been the source of some of my closest friends.

Thank you everyone. Enjoy you off season. I look forward to crossing paths with you soon!

Happy Holidays!


October 2021 Convention

Campbells Resort Chelan

Welcome back! It is great to be back for our annual meeting after 2 years. Thanks for making it a priority to get here and help this organization grow. Thanks for all of you support over the last 2 years as we made decisions that we felt were best for the organization and getting back to it this year.

Meeting called to order @ 9:08 by Candice Deubel, second Jason McFadden

Meeting minutes from 2 years ago

Any questions. Move to accept the minutes from 2019 by Nate Morgan, second Kory Tjoelker. Accepted

Treasurer’s report: Shannon Fadden

Any questions? Brian Strong moves to accept the treasurer’s report, second Klay Tjoelker. Accepted

Committee reports:

               Interstate 2022 Princess Makinley Nielsen- Looking forward to meeting everyone in my quest for Interstate Queen

               Tressa Merrill 2021 Interstate Queen- Thanks for all the support over the last 2 years and I look forward to representing and supporting Interstate, PSHA, and WHO.

Interstate Report: Nate Morgan

               Everything went well, great family environment. Next meeting is next weekend so not much to report currently. Will be talk about judges and stewards in the arena. Powell Bute again next year. We will be touring another possible facility

Rules Committee: Nate Morgan

               Worked through some things at state finals. Will meet again in January to clean up some of the rules for a clearer wording.

State Finals: Kelsey

               Hot! Things went very well.  Next year it will be on August 12th-14th

               Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

Executive Committee

               Lots of meetings over the last 2 years to make decisions that we thought were best for the organization in the long run. Working with Ryan to build a new website. Waiting for the proposals this weekend to continue to build the website. Will cost 3000-3500 that we will be making in 3 payments. Dewain Lien moves to approve the boards of directors’ decision to spend the money on the new website. Second Brian Strong, motion passed.

Annual Meeting

               Required to spend 2500 on food and beverage to get this room for the meetings.  PSHA is taking on the extra $12/meal, the gratuity, and tax. We will be back here next year since we had to cancel last year. Please write down if you have any ideas for convention next year. We will have bingo tonight after the awards.

Region reports

Valley Riders, Ellensburg.

Dewain- Covid had a big impact on our shows. Numbers down but great shows. Still having awards

Cascade Region

Nita- had 2 arenas this year, thanks to those that have stepped up to learn the dirt. Good meetings, had some new members come in. We will have awards soon. May consider doing an awards series between our 2 arenas.

Prairie Region

               Kebli- We are small and mighty. Rode in Oregon a lot.

Northwest Border Zone

               Patti- biggest turnout at March show ever. People excited to be back. Had awards show that had a great turnout. Continue to bring new people in. Awards Nov 6th.


               Kelsey- Gamers hosted several barrel races in 2020 to get money for o-mok-see. Small shows this year. Next year o-mok-see June 17th-19th.  Trying to get more outside riders coming to o-mok-see and getting a feel for PSHA.

Thanks, Kelsey, for really trying to grow this organization.

Northcentral Region

               Terri- we are small but have fun shows. We wouldn’t be able to have shows without the help of everyone here that comes to our shows.

Olympic Region

               Jamie- struggled this year, we lost an arena. Now only have Crosby’s arena to ride. Ted and Shirley struggling with health. Not sure how much longer we will have their arena. We have lots of kids in the region that we are trying to get to state finals. We need to figure out how to market the organization better.

Oregon sees the same issues with bringing in new members. We also ride just for times for interstate and year end awards.

New members want the instant gratification. Awards or jackpot shows. Need the money and people to help with points to make that happen.

As we move forward to more electronic things this could speed up some of our processes.  Hopefully the new website will help as well. Like pre-entry.

Timing shows better. Looking at the calendar ahead of time trying to help get the shows to be bigger by not scheduling so many shows on the same weekends. Charge a fee so the timers and judges could get a little kick back for working all day. Trying to get day awards. Would it be helpful to try to make it a more consistent across the state? Clubs trying to get sponsorships for awards. Jason challenges every group to try one-time next year. Advertise, get awards, just step out of the box, and see what type of turnout you can see.

Proposal 1

By-Law Proposal: Submitted by Kelsey Morgan

Page 98 and 114-117 Basic Operations of Regions

I propose that “Section 7 Regions”, “Basic Operation of Regions” Section 1, Article 1- Article 9, and Section 2 be struck from the rule book.

PSHA would no longer be segregated by regions and each club may continue to abide by their current rules. Any member of PSHA may belong to any club(s) of their choice, no matter their address.

Lesa second


Times will all be posted on the new website. Can pull reports. Each club can have an admin login to the website to be able to pull the reports that they need to for club awards.

Nita- regions are outdated. If we want to have an awards series anyone can pay the fee and ride at the show. Doesn’t have to be a club or region member.
Why did we have regions to begin with?

Dewain- regions are supposed to help support the c/d riders.

Shannon- keep the number system for tracking.

Melanie- lots of c/d riders that ride for Agnew that all they have is day awards and year end.

Lesa-I was initially for this proposal but after listening to conversation if this is going to hurt our very active regions and potentially make us smaller then I am against it.

Shannon- point of order, table this for now, change the motion to just removing the region times keepers. Moves to table until next year to have time to discuss. Second Emma Hardin, motion passed.

Proposal tabled until next year while more information is gathered on how this would affect the active regions and the riders.

Marv- form committee that takes the time to think this proposal through. Marv volunteers to be part of this committee. If we started PSHA from scratch, how would we do it?

Proposal 2

Submitted by Kelsey Morgan

General Rules Section 11: ABCD classification rules

I propose to remove all ABCD class restrictions on Horse/Rider combinations.

Instead, shows would run 2 “open” classes and a jackpot class allowing each rider 2 opportunities, plus a jackpot class, no matter your horse/rider classification. Classification rules would still be standing for 7A and Supreme Award purposes. The intent of this proposal is to allow new members to feel more at ease when coming to PSHA shows. We currently have a very confusing format compared to so many organizations around us. While that does make us unique it also hurts us.

Kelsey- get rid of a/b/c/d, have 2 open classes plus jackpot

Shannon second


Nate- make it easier for the new people that don’t understand a/b/c/d and how the classifications work.

Lesa- give the region more freedom on awards

Diana- is there a limit of how may open classes are run at a show?

Dewain- you can run open classes now with the way the rule is written.

Running out of class is the problem. Getting rid of the restriction of riding out of class.

Leilani- when my family first joined PSHA it was very confusing how the classifications worked. I sit at shows now trying to explain to new members how the classes are run.

Kena- proposes a friendly amendment that show management has the option to offer up to 4 open classes plus a jackpot class per individual event

Kelsey accepts amendment

Nita seconds amendment

Amendment passed

Amended- Show management has the option to offer up to 4 open classes and one jackpot class per individual event, no matter your horse/rider classification. Classification rules would still be standing for 7A and Supreme Award purposes. Motion passed as amended.

Proposal 3

Submitted by Kelsey Morgan

Section 14: State Finals Championship Show

I propose to add: L. Ties: All high point calculation ties will be broken by the horse/rider combination with the most high placings. Example: 2 contestants have equal points at the end of the weekend in their age group high point placing. The tie will be broken by the rider with the most 1st place finishes, if neither rider had 1st place finishes you move to the most 2nd or 3rd place finishes and so on, until the tie can be broken. The intent of this proposal is to limit the amount of extra awards we have to purchase after State Finals to present to riders. This cost in the last few years has been upwards of $5,000. (Tied trophy saddles, Reserve Buckles, and age group high point Headstalls/Breast collars)

Kelsey- save the organization money. Tie breaker being that whoever had the highest placings got the placing.

Nate second


How can we fix the financial aspect caused by having to order another award?

As a whole organization we need to better at fundraising to begin with.

So, the other person would get reserve, everyone bumped down one.

Lesa- people work hard all year to make it to state and if they have earned the points to tie, they have earned that award.

Brian calls for the question. Kena second

Motion Failed

Proposal 4

Submitted by Shannon Fadden

Page 81, Section 14, Part C. Qualification

I propose to strike “from two (2) different arenas.”

C. Qualification: Based on an average of three (3) best times from two (2) different arenas during the current season. For times ridden under a day number to be included in the 3-time year-end average, written notifications must be sent to the State Times Recorder and include the date, show sponsor, class, and day number by July 15 of current year. We will invite 15 different riders, regardless of the number of horses, in the Junior and Intermediate classes and 60 different horse and rider combinations for the Senior age group which will be broken into 4 different groups. The same rider can appear multiple times on multiple horses in an event. There will be one (1) run at State Finals Championship Show by each horse and rider combination. In all events the rider or team with the slowest average will ride first (example: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, etc.). Riders do not have to show PSHA card prior to riding at State Finals.

Shannon- get rid of the 2-arena rule. Pick up the riders that can’t afford to travel all over for the summer

Jill second


Dewain- moves to amend that this be monitored closely over the next 2 years and be re-evaluated. No second, amendment dies with no second.

Jessica- friendly amendment, 3 time average from 3 different shows-Dewain seconds. Shannon rejects

Dewain in favor- their clubs passed that you had to ride at multiple shows for their year end awards

Klay- Barrel races, you must go to a certain number of races to qualify for finals

Linda- how do you track that? Likely can program that in the new system

Klay calls for the question, Kena second amendment- amendment fails

Brian calls for question, Kena second.

Will read “from one (1) arena” Motion passed

Proposal 5 and 6 can’t be voted on since Amy McHale not here to propose

Jamie would like to discuss these still. This is something we should consider so that we can have more help at the shows. We cannot do any voting or tabling of these. As a group let’s make sure that we bring this back next year.

11:45- take a quick restroom break

11:55- come back together

Executive Board nominations

Kirk, Kelbi and Lesa are the nominating committee

Rules committee

Randy will be the chairman next year.

Need to fill 2 spots.

Kirk nominates Lesa Bland as position 2 for a 2-year term. Lesa accepts, Jill second, Dewain moves to cast unanimous vote, second Jason- passed

Kirk nominates Larry Tjoelker for alternate, Jason moves to cast unanimous vote, Nate second, passed

Kirk nominates Lauren for secretary, Dewain moves to cast unanimous vote, Kory second, passed

Kirk nominates Shannon for treasurer, Dewain moves to cast unanimous vote, Kena second, passed

Kirk nominates Krystal Sweetser for vice president

Kena nominates Nita Stockwell, Nita declines

Dewain moves to cast unanimous vote, Emma second, passed

Standing ovation for Jamie for his great work over the last 5 years as president.

Kirk nominates Nate Morgan for president, Nate accepts, Jane seconds

Kena nominates Jamie, he emotionally declines. Thank you, Melanie, for your support

Lesa motivational speech

Dewain moves to cast unanimous vote for Nate for president, Kory second, passed

Now need to fill Nates position on the rules committee

Kirk nominates Jill for position 3 on the rules committee, Jason moves to cast unanimous vote, second Emma, passed

Jamie thanks everyone again for this great experience.

Nate moves to adjourn the meeting, second Kelsey

Meeting adjourned @ 12:30pm