May Newsletter

Show season is in full swing with multiple shows each weekend on both side of the mountains. Weather has not been super cooperative, but I hope that you can all get out there, dodge the raindrops (and snow!) and start getting times. Look forward to seeing you all out there. Ride hard!


Happy May Juniors and Junior Parents, 

First, I would like to start off with I have created a new Facebook group named “PSHA JR’s”. Please go add yourself to this page so everyone can stay in the loop as I haven’t received much participation on there. 

We did have a zoom meeting a couple months ago and got some good fundraising ideas on there as well as a goal to raise money so the Juniors can have unified sweatshirts. We would like to get these sweatshirts by July so I can hand them out before the end of the season and the start of State and Interstate. 

To get that completed we need to get our fundraising underway. Thanks to Maddy Olson we were able to find a local company who makes a BBQ dry rub that they will produce in jars and the Juniors can then sell the jars. In order to provide them with a quantity of how many we will need I do need some feedback of how many juniors would be interested. I will then also need a point person for each region that I can get the jars to. I will have a poll created on the PSHA JR’s Facebook group. If you can be a point person, please let me know by sending me an email, text or a Facebook message. 

We also decided that we will create sweatshirts for our Senior team and sell them for an added profit to go back into our Junior account. So, stay tuned for order forms and the design! 

I am so excited to get this year started with everyone! 

If you have any questions you can reach me at: 

Text: 360-761-9605

or you can find me on Facebook! 

The PSHA O-mok-see is quickly approaching. Please remember to get you pre-entry postmarked by June 1st to avoid the late fee. You will automatically be entered in a raffle if you pre-enter. Kelsey has put in a ton of work to make this an amazing, fun event. Let’s all support her and join the fun to win some great prizes!


Happy April, the weather has been crazy this month, hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come through out the show season. The calendar is filling up, if you haven’t gotten shows turned in to Krystal yet you may want to get that done soon.

NVR is hosting a judges/timer clinic this week at Marv and Linda’s house. See their fb page for details.

Kelsey has been working on state finals awards, everything has been ordered and/or shipped. Ride hard to get to state and to get your chance to pick up some great stuff!

Hope to see everyone soon!


2022 PSHA Graduating Seniors-  Scholarship Information – Please see attached application

One – $1200.00   This scholarship is a non-renewable to be awarded by June 1st, 2022.


You must be a senior in High School during the current school year of that year in which applying for the scholarship.

You must be a current member of PSHA and have a current second timer’s card or higher official card.

Copy of High School Transcript included with application.  You must be furthering your education after High School.

(If awarded scholarship, it will be paid when a copy of your registration to institution of higher learning is received at PSHA.)

One letter of recommendation from another PSHA Adult member (non-family member) attached to application.

Application, essay, copy of transcript, and recommendation letter must be turned in by May 15th, 2022, to Lesa Bland, 8420 Heimbigner Rd, Cashmere, 98815.

New Rule Reminders for Riders/Judges/Timers

Spring is here and the show calendar is filling up.  The rules committee would like to remind all members about some of the new rule changes.  All of your times used in your averages can be from ONE arena.  There is no longer ABCD Classifications.  Show management has the option to offer up to 4 open classes and one jackpot class per individual event, no matter your horse/rider classification which are null and void.   The 7A and Supreme horse awards will still be in place and you must keep your own times and follow the rulebook instructions for these two awards just like before.  No longer will you need to worry about what classification you are in, all riders will have the opportunity to ride more times than just the maximum stated for A riders which used to be A Class & Jackpot.  Some show managements have chosen to only allow 2 open classes and jackpot per individual event so make sure you read the details on each show management to see how many classes are being offered before you travel.

All timers and judges cards have expired as of Dec. 31, 2021 unless you have renewed your card for the 2022 year.  If you need to get your card renewed, please contact someone from the rules committee list below to update your card status.  We are also looking for any new students to become card holding officials which is a great help to all show managements.


  • LESA BLAND                                                      
  • 8420 HEIMBIGNER RD.                          
  • CASHMERE, WA 98815
  • 509-670-9397
  • RANDY LITTLE                                                    
  • 18721 SE 207th                          
  • RENTON, WA 98058
  • 206-817-8901
  • JILL ENGLISH                                                
  • 600 LAMBERT ST                                                              
  • WENATCHEE, WA 98801               
  • 509-669-3031
  • LARRY TJOELKER                                                              
  • 9054 SUNRISE ROAD                              
  • CUSTER, WA  98240
  • 360-410-9615

PSHA February 2022 Newsletter

Better late than never! Just a quick newsletter this month.

State Finals is months away but here I am looking for Sponsors and Awards!! Many things are going up in price and production time has almost doubled on many things. I need to get Buckles ordered earlier than I ever have before, and I have already ordered the 2 High Point Saddles. I do have a most of the sponsors of buckles already, about 60 of the 66. I would also Love to be able to give Reserve Age Group buckles again this year and those need Sponsors too! We give out over 1,000 individual awards during the state finals weekend. No dollar donation amount is too small!!  Remember, if you bring in sponsorship of at least $50 your State Awards Fee will be waived! 

Attached to the Newsletter is the Sponsor cover letter I use when looking for sponsors and the 2022 Sponsor form. These forms are also on the website. Please make sure if you are getting a sponsor that wants their logo on the buckles, they send it to me ASAP. Buckle orders due in August must be ordered March 1st. Any buckles sponsored after the final proof will not be able to have their logos on the buckles. 

Jessica Parks is going to handle the program this year so please send program ads to her, I am going to be helping her, but it will be easier for both of us if you go ahead and send ads directly to her. 

Please remember to send your sponsor money in if you have already requested a buckle sponsor. 

See you all in arena soon!


For those members that have been around since the early WSH and Thrill Seeker days my dad (Eldon Garrett) wanted me to share with you that my uncle Ed Garrett passed away January 25th. Back in the day my family was a big part of WSH. Ed is still listed in our State Finals program on several of the records pages. Ed and Eldon held the cowhide record for several years in the 70s on Okie Bar. My aunt Anita and uncle Ed also held the record in Sweetheart Race and he was a part of a Bareback Rescue team that set a record. As my dad has been going through some stuff, he has found several Interstate patches that they use to give out, a 5A blanket that has never been on a horse, some cool old leather buckles and an issue of the Canter magazine/newsletter. It has been cool to look through some of his old photo albums and see pictures of him riding at Appleatchee, seeing how long the cook shake has been there! We miss his terribly but are at peace knowing that he is no longer in pain and he is back with his wife Linda that we lost a few years ago.