PSHA October 2021 Newsletter

Presidents Notes:

As I sit and write this newsletter, I look out the window and see the blueberry plants changing color and the raspberry canes are being prepped for winter. Around here, it’s a big season of change. Then I turn and look at this page and reflect on our PSHA year – It too was a season of change.

We’ve dealt with a lot as an organization over the last couple years. We’ve had to navigate unchartered waters. We’ve had to make some difficult decisions that weren’t always popular. On the positive side of what’s happened, we’ve moved forward to be more electronic. We’ve started the development of a new website. We saw an influx of younger or first-time competitors this past year. We saw new faces competing at State Finals and Interstate. To me, this is so exciting and good for our organization.

This time of year also brings our annual Convention. In these meetings we discuss the changes that may help our organization move forward. In addition, we’ll be electing officers that will lead us into the future. I encourage you to get involved in discussions and get involved in the organization. Please do so with an open mind and an interest in understanding the organization and the family you compete with.

With that, I want to say a big thank you to our Executive committee for all the work they have done this year. But a special thanks to Lesa Bland and Shannon Fadden for their work to organize Convention. It’s so greatly appreciated.

As we head to Chelan and enjoy the festivities, here is the schedule:

Convention Schedule

  • Friday night: Gather at your leisure and enjoy social time as a PSHA Family.
  • Saturday:
    • 9AM: Meeting
    • 530PM: Open Bar
    • 6PM: Dinner Buffet
    • AWARDS: As dinner is wrapping up. (About 7PM)
    • Fun & Games follow awards.
    • Enjoy the evening!
  • Sunday:
    • 830AM: Rules committee Meeting
    • 9AM: Judges and Timers Meeting – New Cards

One note for the Judges and Timers meeting: Please think of questions that you want to have addressed. We would like to have a more interactive question and answer period this year. You can send them to me, Kirk Weinz or Nate Morgan and we’ll make sure to address them. But don’t hesitate to just bring them to convention and be active in the conversation!

Members, please get your dinner tickets mailed to Shannon by the 18th of October so we have a head count.  Also, this year instead of having auction baskets we are asking all who are attending to bring a prize for the games table.  It can be anything horse related or not.  Have you won something you don’t use, or did you buy something or get a gift you don’t use?  We just ask that it be new.

Looking forward to spending time with all who plan on attending.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at  See you soon.  Lesa Bland

Convention Rule Proposals 2021:

Proposal 1:

By-Law Proposal:

Submitted by Kelsey Morgan

Page 98 and 114-117 Basic Operations of Regions

I propose that “Section 7 Regions”, “Basic Operation of Regions” Section 1, Article 1- Article 9, and Section 2 be struck from the rule book.

PSHA would no longer be segregated by regions and each club may continue to abide by their current rules. Any member of PSHA may belong to any club(s) of their choice, no matter their address.

Proposal 2:

Submitted by Kelsey Morgan

General Rules Section 11: ABCD classification rules

I propose to remove all ABCD class restrictions on Horse/Rider combinations.

Instead, shows would run 2 “open” classes and a jackpot class allowing each rider 2 opportunities, plus a jackpot class, no matter your horse/rider classification. Classification rules would still be standing for 7A and Supreme Award purposes.

The intent of this proposal is to allow new members to feel more at ease when coming to PSHA shows. We currently have a very confusing format compared to so many organizations around us. While that does make us unique it also hurts us.

Proposal 3:

Submitted by Kelsey Morgan

Section 14: State Finals Championship Show 

I propose to add:

 L. Ties: All high point calculation ties will be broken by the horse/rider combination with the most highest placings.  Example: 2 contestants have equal points at the end of the weekend in their age group high point placing. The tie will be broken by the rider with the most 1st place finishes, if neither rider had 1st place finishes you move to the most 2nd or 3rd place finishes and so on, until the tie can be broken.

The intent of this proposal is to limit the amount of extra awards we have to purchase after State Finals to present to riders.  This cost in the last few years has been upwards of $5,000. (Tied trophy saddles, Reserve Buckles and age group high point Headstalls/Breast collars)

Proposal 4:

Submitted by Shannon Fadden

page 81, Section 14, Part C. Qualification

I propose to strike “from two (2) different arenas.”

C. Qualification:  Based on an average of three (3) best times from two (2) different arenas during the current season. For times ridden under a day number to be included in the 3-time year-end average, written notifications must be sent to the State Times Recorder and include the date, show sponsor, class, and day number by July 15 of current year.  We will invite 15 different riders, regardless of the number of horses, in the Junior and Intermediate classes and 60 different horse and rider combinations for the Senior age group which will be broken into 4 different groups. The same rider can appear multiple times on multiple horses in an event. There will be one (1) run at State Finals Championship Show by each horse and rider combination.  In all events the rider or team with the slowest average will ride first (example: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, etc.). Riders do not have to show PSHA card prior to riding at State Finals.

Proposal 5:

Submitted by Amy McHale

Page 18 and 23. Card Renewals

I propose if someone has had a judge or timers’ card in the past (beyond the 3-year time frame) they can be renewed by retaking the written test. If anything needed to be discussed for renewal, it could be done via phone call, facetime, zoom etc. There would be no student timing and judging required.

Intent:  People don’t want to go thru the lengthy process, we need to make it easier and encourage people to get their cards and help. 

Proposal 6:

Submitted by Amy McHale

Page 23. Section D. First Timers – No. 3

I propose to change “student to time two (2) PSHA approved shows, each event twice,” to “student to time one (1) PSHA approved show, each event twice.”

3.  Student to time two (2) PSHA approved shows, each event twice (example: A & B class) as second timer, also student time as a first timer with electronic clocks at least two (2) team events and get signature of first timer on back of card along with date, show and events timed.

Intent: Making it easier for people to get their timer’s card.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you all for a fantastic year. We’ll see you in a couple weeks at Chelan!



The annual meeting will be at Campbells Resort in Chelan.  This event is open to all members of PSHA and ages.  It will be October 23 & 24.  Please call and reserve your room ASAP.  The number to call is 1-800-553-8225, Ext. 1 ask for Group #614171.  The traditional rooms are $118 and Deluxe rooms are $133. The website is for a list of all their amenities.  This is a very important weekend for all PSHA members, business meeting, awards banquet, and timers/judges meeting.

Dinner has become quite expensive each year and covid hasn’t helped, each dinner would cost $66.06 with the 22% gratuity and sales tax per member, so the PSHA Executive Board has chosen to have the treasury to pay $28.06 of every dinner ticket purchased dropping the price to $38.  So please understand we have tried to make it as affordable as possible so that we could all be together.  Campbells’ Resort has an outstanding chef so the food is guaranteed to be delicious and lots of it.

Dinner Tickets:  Adults $38.00  Children  ages 3-10  $19.00

Dinner Tickets must be purchased by October 15th so we can give them a count.

Menu is BBQ Buffet: Steak Chili, Baby Romaine, Peewee Potato Salad, Elote Corn Off the Cob, Cherry Brisket, Cedar Salmon, Honey Glazed Pork, Grilled Ciabatta

Mail check and form below to PSHA for Dinner Tickets to Shannon Davis at 4800 Malaga Hwy, Malaga, WA  98828.

PSHA Anuual Meeting Dinner Tickets:
Quantity of Adult Tickets:                              @  $38.00  =  
Quantity of Children (3-10) Tickets:               @ $19.00 =
                                                                                                         TOTAL CHECK=