Times and Results

All Around and Individual Horse Champions for 2021

Individual Horse Champion – ABreezy Belle – owned and ridden by Waynora Martin

All Around Champion – A Tie this year – Charcoal Knight (Coal) – owned and ridden by Marv Tjoelker and Buddy – owned and ridden by Rhonda Getter


  • JUNIOR – Champion – Bandit – Gabriyela Hernandez
  • JUNIOR – Reserve Champion – Shoe Jetta Fling – Kinley Todd
  • INTERMEDIATE – Champion – BJS Dashin Express – Lena McKee
  • INTERMEDIATE – Reserve Champion – Faith – Wylie McHale
  • SENIOR A – Champion – Duke – Emma Vine
  • SENIOR A – Reserve Champion – Stella – Ailia Salinas
  • SENIOR B – Champion – Winme Guys Heart (LaRoue) – Kelbi Bower
  • SENIOR B – Reserve Champion – Sneakers – Lauren Garrett
  • SUPER SENIOR A – Champion – Bruiser – Kyra Smith
  • SUPER SENIOR A – Reserve Champion – Ranches Midnight Romeo – Janet Milbrath
  • SUPER SENIOR B – Champion – ABreezy Belle – Waynora Martin
  • SUPER SENIOR B – Reserve Champion – Buddy – Rhonda Getter

Hello PSHA Family!

Welcome to last chance weekend. This is such an exciting weekend for people to go out and cheer each other on and chase those elusive last times to complete or improve your averages.

As you look at those averages posted on-line. Be sure to give our Times Keeper Candice a big THANK YOU! And know the large amount of work that has gone into making this possible given all our challenges over the last 18 months.

With that, I want to remind everyone that as we close out the competition year and look for invitations to show up in the next week that we have a couple of Covid rules that will make things look and feel a little different – Big surprise!

  1. Remember that we froze all PSHA age groups to birth dates as of 8/1/2019. This means that we’ll see a few older members in lower age groups.
  2. Interstate froze the Junior ages as well, as long as that person was a member in the 2019-2020 season.
    1. This shouldn’t affect many, but it could. Please know this as you look at averages and you receive your invites.

Thank you all for your heart, spirit and understanding as we navigate our way out of these restrictions and into the exciting championship weeks ahead.

I can’t wait to see you all soon as we come together at State Finals!