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Suzie Kennell
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May 2018
Presidents Message:
We were finally able to turn the Calendar to May. Fortunately, that meant some good weather … at least to
start the Month. With it came flowers, the Kentucky Derby and show season!
I was exciting to have a big turnout in Sequim the first weekend of the month. Thanks to all those that made
the trek to the Olympic Peninsula. Thanks to all of you that are chasing times all over the state, putting in the
time to make shows run and doing the things that make this organization move forward.
There is a lot more going on throughout the organization than shows getting started. Here are a few of the
things to think about and if you can reach out to help.
Classic shows: While August is still a few months away, Classic takes time to plan and put together. If you’re
interested in putting together one of the classic shows, please reach out to Klayton Tjoelker at and let see what needs to be done.
State Finals: Kelsey and Kristi are well down the path of planning State Final Greatness. Awards and buckles
are nearly all sponsored. But there are a lot of tasks that need help. It’s a great way to get involved and we
need more people to be ready to take on tasks and lighten the burden on Kelsey and Kristi.
Princess Support: Princess Lauren Snider made her maiden voyage to Sequim the first weekend in May. It
was great to have her. Please be sure to engage her and make sure she has the opportunity to raise some
money, do a rodeo run and answer impromptu questions. It’s all for Interstate and her chance to practice for
the Queen competition. Thanks for representing Interstate Lauren!
Junior Activities: Juniors as you make your way through the show season, be listening for fund raising activities
from Tyler and Aubrielle Robinson. If you have ideas to raise money for the juniors, please reach out to them
Scholarships: High School Seniors you have missed the PSHA scholarship deadline of May 15 but there is
still time for you to apply for the Interstate Scholarship.
Interstate Scholarship
Thanks to all of you for getting the season off and running. Looking forward to seeing you in the arena soon!

Treasurer Message:
Shannon has several outstanding checks from last summer’s Classic.  If you haven’t cashed your check, time
is short!  On June 1st, the old checks will be cancelled and all your hard won money will be rolled back into
this year’s pot.  Cash them while you can!

Rules Committee Message:
Did you buy a new horse? Change addresses? Change Clubs?  Change horses?  If you have, please
complete the online form and send it to our State Times Keeper.

State Finals News:
Kelsey has been hard at work securing sponsorships, at this point we need a few more buckles covered.
Please contact Kelsey to get your name on one or all of those! As shows start and we get going on those
averages to get to state, please consider helping us out in one of the following areas! Please message Kelsey
or myself for more information or to volunteer.
-Publishing the Program
-Grand Entry
-Office help
-Awards table
-Goodie Bags
-Action photos
-Championship Photos
-Championship Photo backdrop
It takes a lot of volunteers to run this show smoothly and we would love to have your help to make this one
even better! Please feel free to share any theme ideas with us too. Hope to see you at a show soon! Thank
you~ Kristi and Kelsey
Interstate News:
If you are a high school Senior this year, there is still time to apply for the Interstate Scholarship.  The
application is attached. Complete and submit it by July 10th.

Interstate Queen Emma Vine:
Hey everyone! Show season is just around the corner and I have been busy planning my summer show and
event schedule. I have several fun things planned for this summer that I will share once I get details finalized. I
also have some big news about Interstate, Lauren Snider has stepped up to the plate as your 2018 Interstate
Princess! She got a little bit of a late start but I encourage you all to support her over the next five months as
she raises the funds necessary to put on the event we all love so much. I hope to see you all at a show soon.
Love, Queen Emma

Interstate Princess Lauren Snider
Hi, my name is Lauren Snider and I have just declared as Washington State’s 2018 Princess. I have been a
member of the Nooksack Valley Riders and the Patterned Speed Horse Association for 8 years now.
When I heard that Washington really needed a Princess I was so excited to step up and takeon this role. I
would not be whoI am today if it weren't for my amazing PSHA family. To me,being your 2018 Interstate
Princess is my opportunity to give back to all of you who have done so much for me.
Although I have declared very late in the year I am going to do my very best to get out to every region
possible this season to support you all and to raise money for Interstate. Each club will be hearing from me
soon so we can schedule which shows I will be attending. I have already made plans to attend an Agnew
Riders show at Crosby's arena May 5 and 6 and to attend the Nooksack Valley Riders show in Yelm May
26 and 27. I am so excited for the show season to begin and to start meeting you all! I am so thankful for
your faith in me and for your support and I am honored to represent you as your 2018 Interstate Princess!
Proud to be Representing you,
Princess Lauren

Annual Meeting News: We are booked at Angel of the Winds Casino for Oct. 26-28. Mark it on your
calendar. Details are in the works so watch for more to come!

Juniors News:
Money, money everywhere!  Both PSHA and Interstate offer our graduating seniors scholarships. The
applications are simple, so if you’re planning on heading to college, why not get a little help from the people
that love you?  Applications can be found on our website, if they aren’t already attached.