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A note from Amy: She is now solely in charge of show approvals. Thanks to Dan
for all his years of hard work and help. From here forward you will be sending
show approvals to Amy.

PSHA Show guidance update:

Hello PSHA Family!

As we head into April several things are happening.
1.        We have shows populating the calendar.
2.        You are all getting your horses fit to prepare for competing.
3.        The state has entered Phase 3 … at least for now.
4.        We have TEMPORARY GUIDELINES in play.

All of this is good, but it also led to several questions from you about how things
are supposed to operate. So, the Executive team wanted to make and effort to
clear up any confusion.

1.        Please remember that the State/County phases lead what we’re able to do.
a.        Know what the standards are.
b.        It would seem like you could run a relatively normal show, while maintain    
masks and distancing according to the Phase restrictions.
2.        The Temporary Guidelines are just a guideline.
a.        They are only in place to help you conduct a show if Covid-19 guidelines
prevent having a show according to our normal rules.

3-Time Average: Due to the uncertainty of the coming year, we will continue to
operate with a 3-time average out of one arena for this competition year. All 3 of
your times can come from one arena for this season.

I hope this helps as we move forward with this season.

Don’t forget with shows coming up soon to make sure that you have paid your
membership dues for this year. Also if you have questions regarding your
horse/rider number please reach out to your region times keeper or Candice.

I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


PSHA Newsletter March 2021
Presidents Notes:

Hello and welcome to the first notes of Spring. As I look out at the raspberry
plants, the buds are breaking and we are starting to see green leaves. A sure sign
that spring is here. Also breaking is news that the entire state is entering phase 3.
Which is a very encouraging sign for our organization.

What that means for us is still a little hazy, but rest assured that our executive
team will be having a conversation very soon to make sure we have things in
order and are able to give the best guidance we can. But in reading the state
guidelines it feels very promising.

Last newsletter, I shared some news that we are looking at a new website that
would allow for show management, pre-entries and instant access to averages,
classifications and ride statistics. I am excited to let you know that the board has
unanimously approved us moving forward. We will be working with Ryan Kennel
to develop a new PSHA Website over the next several months.

Like anything great, it will take time. We will need to continue to run show as you
currently do. Whether that is traditional paper or electronic sheets. We hope that
we’ll have things up and running this summer, but with a goal of having it
complete by State Finals.

I am excited by our desire to move forward and have technology help make us
better. It will take a little patience and learning. But I am confident that this will
help take us forward and make us easier for people to interact with. At the same
time, it won’t take away our flexibility and need for spontaneous rides.

In the meantime, it looks like show dates are filling the calendar. Please make
sure you are checking in with show chairs. Shows will be a little different this
year in how they operate and sign up. They probably won’t run quite the same.
Communicate. Have patience. Be safe.

That’s the news as I know it now. Look for more updates soon.


Some other news

Shannon has updated her email address. From now on if you need to get in touch
with Shannon please email her at Her genext email is
no longer in use and just a friendly reminder not to send her messages on
Facebook messenger, she does not check that.

A gentle reminder for all you graduating seniors to get in your scholarship
application.  This year, thank you to the Eaton Family/Extra Mile and Chevron,
an extra $1000 was added to the scholarship totaling $2200 to be awarded this
year.  You can find the application on the web
site.  Enjoy the rest of your Senior year!!!


The State Finals Committee never sleeps.... I've been scheming and plotting for a
whole year!! Attached is the 2021 Sponsor form and the Spreadsheet of who has
committed to sponsor and who has already sent checks (which is highlighted in
State Finals Awards 2021

My most favorite news to share with you is the program is now being handled by
Cassandra Alexander!! Please be nice to her, we don't want to scare her off in
the first year! Her email is:

Don't forget we implemented a new system at the 2019 convention with awards
fees. Securing a sponsorship gets that waived. See rule book for more details.
State Finals 2021 Sponsorship Form


Gamers Saddle Club is proud to join forces with Appleatchee Riders and move
the PSHA O-MOK-SEE to Wenatchee in 2021!! Our official date is September
17-19. We can't even tell you all how excited we are to make this move and hope
it is something we can make a permanent switch and secure a long-standing
weekend with Appleatchee. Mark your calendars!!

Kelsey, Kristi and Krystal

PSHA Newsletter February 2021
Presidents Notes:

What a difference a year makes. I was looking back at my notes and letter from
February 2020. Who knew what we were about to embark on in the next 12 months.
There has been frustration, irritation, and many other negative feelings that are openly
expressed about the last 12 months.

But … Here we are. I will choose to look at some of the good things. As an
organization we have had to have some difficult conversations, and while we haven’t
always liked what we’ve had to do, we’ve stayed aligned. We have come together
with a plan. We have adjusted. And now, we’re actually about to head into a show
season. It may be modified. It may not quite look like what we have known in the past,
but we’re moving forward.

Here is some more positive. The realization that shows can’t happen the same way has
forced us to look at how we move forward. I have had a flurry of people asking how
we can be more computerized. They want to time electronically. They want to keep
averages electronically. And through that many of us have moved from “we can’t
because …“ to “How can we …“ And that for me is REALLY exciting.

With that, your leadership team has been looking into adopting a change to the
website. It’s actually been working for Oregon for the last 5-plus years. We will be
looking to move forward with the board of directors in the coming weeks. If all goes
well, we will be working with Ryan Kennel to develop the PSHA Version of the
WHO website (

With a few tweaks and updates, we will be able to do show approvals, pre-register
for rides at shows and have electronic results from shows in days. There is the ability
to see individual and horse statistics. It is really pretty impressive and should make
things a lot easier for pretty much all of us. There will be options to do things
manually and options to work around pre-registration as well.

And let’s be realistic. A transition like this is not usually seamless. But I know that we
can handle it and with the right amount of patience, insight, innovation and
determination, we can make it better.

Look for more information on this in the coming month or so. We will be working
towards having things rolling for this season.

In the meantime, as you start thinking about riding, it’s time to make sure your
information is in order. Do you have your membership in? Did you change horses? Do
you have your horse-rider forms in. All the forms you need are here: www. If you aren’t sure what you need, please let us know or
talk to your local club leaders.

Thank you to all of you for your patience and support. We are working through this

Take care and we’ll be seeing you soon!


PSHA January 2021 Newsletter

Presidents Notes:

Happy New Year PSHA Family.

In most years, I would say not much is going on through the winter and I hope that the
Holiday season was good to you and your family. Well, I still hope the holiday season
was good to you and your family. But … as with everything this year, nothing has been

Here is the news. As simple and easy as I can communicate it. Things in our state are
still struggling to open. And, it doesn’t seem that it will change any time soon. So, our
executive team started working with the rules committee to come up with some
Emergency Guidelines that are intended to help open the door for shows to be held in
the coming year should the opportunity arise.

As a result, we were able to go to our Board of Directors over the holidays and get
approval on the following:

20/21 PSHA Covid-19 Temporary Emergency guidelines for the 20/21 PSHA season
running August 1, 2019- July 31, 2021.

The following guidelines are to be used by Show Management if such restrictions in
your County for Covid-19 do not allow Show Management to manage PSHA shows
per current rulebook. It is proposed that we:

1.        Allow for “limited riders” based on the arena/club/fairgrounds or county
rules/restrictions and allow for the times to count for State/Interstate averages/awards.
Consultation and approval of the Vice President is required.

2.        Allow for “Mini Shows”
a.        “Mini Shows” are the same events but broken down into “time lots/groups” on
the same day.  A “time lot/group” is a specific number of riders that have a
predetermined time that they will show up and ride. The start time for each “time
lot/group” will be determined and published by the Show Management.
b.        “Mini Shows” are “time lot/groups” in the same arena, on the same day and
with the same event order.
c.         Only one show approval fee will be needed per day regardless of how many  
“time lots/groups” are run that day.
d.        The events must be run in order listed on the show approval form before going
to the next “time lot/group”.
e.        Riders may ride multiple horses within their “time lot/group”.
f.        If a show only offers an open class with no Jackpot class in an event, the same
“horse/rider combination” may ride more than once in each event. (At the discretion of
the show chairman).  
g.        The “same horse/rider combination” cannot ride in different “time lot/groups”
within the “Mini Show”.  
h.        Allow for courses to be reset for “time lots/groups”, so long as the events are
run in the exact same order at the same show, in the same arena, on the same day.

3.        Allow for your 3-time average to come from one arena instead of two separate
*****ALL other PSHA rules will be followed as outlined in the 2021 rule book. ****
Please keep in mind that these are a temporary set of guidelines that will help open the
door to having shows in what is likely to be a restricted environment in the coming
year. It is still incredibly important that show management know what the restrictions
are for their county or arena. They also need to know and understand their insurance.
We hope this helps. If you have questions, please reach out your executive team
members or the rules committee. We continue to work through this for you and hope
for a fun, safe year of competition ahead.

So … Happy New Year PSHA Family. Here is to things improving and a better year
ahead. I hope I am able to see you in the arena soon.


2021 Scholarship Information

2021 PSHA Senior Scholarship
Thank you to the Eaton Family-Extra Mile and Chevron for the extra $1000 added to
our scholarship fund.  It means a lot to all of us members to recognize and help our
young members as they extend their education beyond high school.  Our grand total
will be $2200.00 to be awarded this year.  Deadline for all applications is May 15th,
2021.  You can find the application forms on the website or e-mail me directly and I
can send you one.   This year for all students isn’t quite what you expected, but
hopefully this will be a bright spot in your senior year.  Happy New Year!!!   Lesa
Bland,  I have attached the application form for the newsletter.

Reminders of other Season Changes for Covid Guidelines:

1.        We will combine this competition year with the 2021 competition year, making a
combined year 20/21.
2.        All times that were/are run during 2020 will roll into your 2021 average.
3.        We will roll the awards fee to count towards 2021.
4.        We will extend the Supreme horse times for this occurrence one year. For example
your supreme times can be 2018, 2019 and 20/21 combined.
5.        We will roll our 2020 officers into 2021.
6.        We will extend judges and timers cards to be good through the 2021 season.
7.        PSHA Annual Memberships: These do not carry over from the previous year. You will
need to pay a new membership for this year.
8.        Age Groups: Within PSHA, we will freeze age groups and compete based off your age
as of August 31, 2019.
9.        Interstate Qualification: At the last Interstate Meeting, the committee approved a
motion that PSHA and WHO paid members for the 2020 season would qualify as Juniors in
2021. Non-Members in 2020 would not be kept in the Junior age group.