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  • PSHA Classic shows  
    fourth week in August

  • Interstate
    Championship Show
    Washington vs Oregon
    Labor Day Weekend
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Royalty Interstate Competition
Queen Contest:
Based on advertisement sales,
horsemanship and personality, etc.  
Awards to be selected by the Interstate
All queen candidates are required to
register through their region.
Interstate Queen Contest Coordinator is
Suzie Kennell. Contact her for more
information. She's happy to answer
questions and handout a copy of the
contest rules and criteria.  

"I look forward to hearing from any girl
who might be interested in the contest
either now or in the future," says Suzie.

Suzie Kennell
Interstate Queen Contest Coordinator
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Interstate Senior Scholarship Applications
State and Interstate Invitation Procedures
Interstate Sponsorships:  Contact Princess Hailey Ferris- address 4850 Enterprise
Road, Dallas, OR  97338


Presidents Notes:

I feel like this season has been a bit like a pole run. We’ve run hard. We’ve had
to weave through numerous obstacles whether it’s rain, injury or any number of
other things that want to get in the way. But now you’ve turned the end pole to
head for home.
There’s three weeks left to get those averages polished up or in some cases, just
get an average!
No matter your situation, get out and ride hard with your goals in mind. And
cheer the heck out of your fellow PSHA family members as they try to do the

Classic: Don’t forget that Classic shows are in the hands of clubs this year. It
sounds like Kena Hernandez is organizing a Classic in the Sound End. Please
reach out to her to find out what you can do to help. There may also be a Classic
in the Nooksack region as well. Plans for both are still forming, but if your
interested in being a part of putting on Classic, speak up. If you aren’t sure who
to talk to, let me know and I’ll try to get you connected to the right person.

State Finals: It’s truly a month away. 30 days from today most of us will be
gathered at Appleatchee for another year of great rides and family. Please
continue to look for sponsorships http://patternedspeedhorse.
com/files/2019_State_Finals_Sponsor_form.pdf and reach out Kelsey Morgan
( or Kristi Merrill to find out what you can do to help!
Stall and camping Applications are on the calendar page.

Interstate: Many of you saw the note from Shannon yesterday regarding
Interstate. Funds for interstate are a challenge this year. We are down a
princess this year, which means some of our normal fundraising activities aren’t
getting done. This is where we need to stand up together and help make things
happen. For those of you that don’t know, Hailey Ferris is running out of Oregon
and is looking for your help. I have attached her flier – and included it below – it
includes sponsorship and contact information. This can be used to pass out to
potential sponsors. Also, as Shannon mentioned, you can also contact Shannon
with interest and monies as well!  Stall Applications and camping are on the
calendar page.



My name is Hailey Ferris and I am running for the title of Interstate Queen.
Interstate is a Championship competition between Washington and Oregon. All
year long P.S.H.A. (Pattern Speed Horse Association, Washington) and W.H.O.
(Western Horsemen of Oregon) compete at local shows to get their fastest
three-time average in each event we offer. The top 10 Junior’s and Senior’s
from both states in each event qualify for Interstate.  It’s a fun filled
competition packed weekend!

This amazing family-based organization was started in 1957. Many of the
families competing today are multi-generational. Over the year’s many
memories, titles and legacies have been past down to the next generation.
Interstate is not just a weekend, to us it’s a tradition.  As an Interstate Princess
one of my responsibilities is to raise funds for the following year.  We are a non-
profit organization, which means we are a tax write off if you choose to donate!
There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available.

• Championship Awards Sponsorship $1,500.00: Your business name is placed on
32 Reserve Championship Awards or on 32 third place awards. You also receive
two full-page ads in our Official Program, a 2’ x 3’ banner placed in the
competition arena as well as a vendor space.

• Bronze Sponsorship $750.00: Your business name and logo on a magnetic
trailer sign placed on the Princess/Queen trailer as well as the official Interstate
Games Meet Equipment trailer. This also includes two full-page ads in the
Official Program, a 2’ x 3’ banner hung in the competition arena as well as a
vendor space.

• Bronze Sponsorship $750.00: Your business name and logo on one sleeve of the
retail tee shirts. This also includes two full-page ads in the Official Program, a 2’
x 3’ banner hung in the competition arena as well as a vendor space.

• Buckle Sponsorship $250.00: You receive a full-page ad in our Official
Program, a 2’ x 3’ banner placed in the competition arena as well as a vendor

• Full Page colored ad in the Official Program $230.00

• Full page black and white ad in the Official Program $100.00

• There will be a silent and oral auction held at Interstate as well. We are
looking for donations for the auction items.

The ads are placed in our Official Program. This program is not a small
pamphlet, it is a very large well put together professional book. I urge you to go
to our website

Thank you for considering sponsoring Interstate Championship Games Meet.
This is a wonderful multi-generational organization that is very near and dear to
my heart.

Princess Hailey Ferris

Convention: We are locked in for Convention for the next two years!
•         This year (2019) we will be at Angel of the Winds Casino October 25th –
•         Next year (2020) we will be back at Campbells Resort in Chelan. October
23rd – 25th.

For those interested in helping set up convention this year at Angel of the
Winds, please reach out to myself or Melonie.

A couple other important dates for Convention:
•         Also don’t forget that Rule Proposals are due by September 10th.
•         Any Proposals to amend By-Laws must be submitted by August 26th.

As we head for home, please remember to enjoy your family, enjoy your horse
and most of all, enjoy the ride!

See you soon!

The PSHA O-MOK-SEE is well on it's way to be an awesome event. All PSHA
events are approved and will count towards your 2020 average. The only
individual event we aren't running at this is Keyhole. We have a feeling next
year it'll be in though!!  Please note the Friday night barrel race in NOT the
PSHA pattern.
This show was brought about to open the door for the possibility of new
members to PSHA, please feel free to share this flyer as much as you can!!
(Flyer attached) Entry forms are attached for both the O-MOK-SEE and the
friday night barrel race. Can't wait for this show weekend!! It's going to be a

Kelsey & Kristi

Times have been posted on the website. Please make sure that you are looking
them over for any mistakes and let Candice know as soon as possible. It is going
to be a quick turn around this year with State Finals being a weekend earlier.
Let's try to help Candice and make her job as easy as possible by catching any
mistakes now.