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Presidents Notes for March:

Hello to my PSHA Family. Normally, this is the month that I am excited to talk
about the things starting to happen in the arena. Unfortunately, this is a
different March than we’ve had in the past. Obviously, things around the
country and especially in our state aren’t quite normal.

Because of concerns around Corona Virus (COVID-19), horse events around the
country and heavily in our state are canceled or postponed. I have to say I think
this is the right thing until we have a better understanding of how things will go.
I commend the committee of the NVR Benefit show for making the hard decision
to delay their good work until further notice. Regardless of whether you’re
outside or on your horse, the nature of our family when we come together is that
we’re together. We hug, talk, laugh and just can’t help but to enjoy the
company of each other.

With all of that being said, we don’t really know what’s going to happen in the
coming weeks and months with relation to our horse events. We will return to
the arena when it’s the right time for everyone. But more importantly we will
continue to be a big family. During this time, there will be small groups that ride
together. We are still here to support each other and take care of each other. In
doing so, please be safe and stay healthy.

While I may not see you in the arena for a bit yet. There are some things to
remember within the organization.  

State Finals: The Committee is hard at work putting together another amazing
State Finals. We are on the calendar for August 13-16. There is always
something that can be done to help. If you are looking for a way to help the
organization, please reach out to Kelsey and Kristi to see what you can do.

Convention: We are at Campbells Resort in Chelan this year on October 24-25.
Lesa and Shannon are leading the charge this year. Please contact them to see if
there is something you can do to help. We are also starting the search for the
location of our 2021 annual meeting. If you have ideas or want to know what it
takes, please contact Amy DeBoer or myself.

Scholarships: With schools being canceled for the next several weeks, this is a
tough time for all our kids, but especially our High School Seniors. Many of them
lost their sports seasons and WAHSET season. It creates some uncertainty and
emotion for sure. As for our Scholarship, we don’t currently have any
applications yet, but there is still time. Seniors, please check out the information
on the Website! http://patternedspeedhorse.

Interstate: Interstate plans are moving forward. As you may recall, we were
looking for a new Interstate committee member. I am excited to announce we
have found one. Kelbi Bower has so much passion for Interstate and has stepped
up to join the team. Thank you Kelbi!
Also, Princess Tressa Merrill has been out working hard. Our current delay is
merely a bump in the road for her. She has a great plan and is really looking
forward to getting out to see you soon. Please be ready to support her once we’
re back in the arena.

That’s it for me. I hope you are all feeling well and stay that way. I look forward
to seeing you in the arena.


Note from Lesa

New Record Sheet for 2020: Please see the attached new record sheet for 2020
for all the records now but one read out to the 1000th as taken from their record
breaking sheets. There is only one event Jr Cal Stake that is still out to the
100th. If you are a show chair, please print and make sure you have the records
recorded on the arena sheets out to the 1000th. Thank you to Elaine Weinz for
gathering all the information to make this happen.
2020 Record Sheet Document

1984 Jr Cal Stake  7.28  Tricia Lien - Dusty Dol
1999 Sr. Cal Stake  7.297  Marci Lemke - Billy
1989 Jr Figure 8  9.865  Dacia Miller - I'd Rather Be Satin
1994 Sr Figure 8  9.742  Judy Glazier – Dusty &  2019 Lindsay Sogge - Reno
1989 Jr Keyhole  6.478  Dacia Miller - I'd Rather Be Satin
2001 Sr Keyhole   6.301  Wendy Rauhala - Link of Pearls
1983 Jr Barrels  13.977  Jessie Colburn - Flying War Jet
2015 Sr Barrels  13.693  Amber Moore – CP Dark Moon
2019 Jr Keyrace   7.776  Aimee Henderson - Dixie
1981 Sr Keyrace   7.769  Dan Jagla - Leo Jack
1983 Jr Poles  19.518  Jessie Colburn -Flying War Jet
1986 Sr Poles  19.304  Dan Jagla - Juniper Bar Jet
2017 Jr Flags     7.544  Lindsay Sogge- Reno
1985 Sr Flags     7.490   Julie Richards - Rainier Jet Star
1982 2M3B Flags 16.318  Art Hodges -Bar X Dude Brandon Young - KayeAnn's  
1979 Rescue Race   7.661  Diana Lien    -  Hawk  Randy Little
2000 2 Man Stake Race  22.346  Sylvia Hylton - Mr. Turbo Flair Kelli Turpin -
Caesar’s Bar Chex
1979 Cowhide Race   7.984  Dan Jagla   -   Leo Jack  Mike  Brecht
1985 Bareback Relay 38.352 Stragglers - Dust Bar D Larry Glazier Mike
Gamlam Randy Little Tracie Glazier
2004 Team Baton 32.296  Speed Freaks Julie Sauve Dillon Curt Walz Taxee
Asley Cash Elaine Weinz Jags Jet Power Jack Weinz Victory Cruiser
2004 Team Flags 34.022 Scott.Com Don Eaton Solitary Luv George Dunckel
Sugar Kirk Weinz Par For Pride Scott Rauhala California Cassidy
1988 Team Poles 85.955   Dead End Sylvia Hylton Charity Win Don Eaton
Heckuva Gamble Kim Sturlaugson Stolz Jessie Brandon Young Bobby Guy Dial