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Suzie Kennell
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Presidents Message:
Happy Fall!
It seems like the weather turned quickly. It seems like it’s only been a couple weeks that the horses
had their shiny summer coats. Now I am feeding on the cusp of darkness and they are beginning to
resemble wooly mammoths!
This also means it’s time for Convention, Nov. 3-5. We are a week later this year as our venue
didn’t have our normal weekend open. On the bright side, Daylight savings ends Saturday night of
convention, so we’ll all get one more hour of sleep before we start the rules meeting on Sunday
morning! I can hear the celebration now! Or maybe we’ll be celebrating long into Saturday night
… or Sunday morning!
I want to take a moment to encourage you all to attend convention. There are a lot of rules that
have been submitted. All of them with an intent of making our organization better. We all realize
there will be discussion and disagreement. But I think it’s also important to stay invested in the rules
of our organization. It’s important for all of us to know how things work.
Take the time to read through the rules proposals. Think about how the affect you. More
importantly, take a look at how they may impact the entire organization. We are all in this together
and working towards making this a fun family place to compete and get better. Also, make sure
you’ve paid your membership for the coming year. You do need to be a current member to vote at
Also, there has been a lot of time and work put into making sure you all have a good time. We all
need to give Sharon Cannavan and he family a big thank you for all they have done to make sure
things go as smoothly as possible.
Also, we’re dialing in details on having a place for kids to hang out. Erica Batson has volunteered
to supervise kids while we are meeting. It’s likely we’ll have a few games and movies set up. She’s
really excited to run the day care! Thanks Erica.
I also want to extend a thank you to all of you for a great year as President. I have enjoyed it. I
have learned a lot. Thank you! And I look forward to being a part of this organization for many
more years.

Vice President Notes:
As we wind up the 2017 PSHA season, I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of our show
committees that have put lots of time and effort in to making our season such a success.  
Specifically, I want to thank those who helped make the three Classic Shows run so smoothly,
Nancy Jagla, Trina Bland, and Jason McFadden, thank you all very much!  We will be awarding
the Junior & Senior high point awards for Classic at Convention.  We will also be handing out
checks to those who placed at the Classic shows.  We certainly had a great time at the Northern
Classic, and I have only heard positive remarks about the Westside & Eastside Classic's as well.

Additionally, I want to thank Kristi Merrill & Kelsey Morgan for their fantastic work on State
Finals, it was an awesome way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of PSHA!

See you all at Convention!   Klay

Dinner Tickets
*** we can take dinner reservation up to Oct 30th.*****

$30 for adults and $15.54 kids under 16  
Please notify Shannon at 9999 with the number of tickets you will need, before October 30th.
Mail your payment to Shannon Fadden at 4800 Malaga-Alcoa Hwy, Malaga, WA  98828

Meeting Schedule
Saturday November 4th  

9:00 am          Executive Board Meeting
                       Rules Committee Meeting
State and Region Timeskeepers meeting
10:00 am         PSHA Membership Business Meeting
                      - Reading of minutes, correspondence
                   - Financial Report, year overview
        - Committee Reports
        - Region Reports
        - Club Reports
        - Old Business
        - New Business,
          -2016 Rule Change Proposals
          -Election of Officers

PSHA Juniors will meet immediately following the general meeting
5:30 Social Hour
6:00 Dinner and video viewing
           Dinner Menu:
Seasonal roasted vegetables
Warm roll & butter
Caesar Salad
Roasted Red Potatoes
Tri-tip with Beef gravy on-the-side (NO mushrooms)
Roasted Chicken Breast with Lemon & Rosemary
Chocolate Mousse & whipped Cream
Fresh brew reg. and decaf coffee
Herbal tea

7:00 Awards Ceremony with fun and games to follow

Sunday November 5th
9:00 am Timers and Judges Meeting