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A note from Amy: She is now solely in charge of show approvals. Thanks to Dan
for all his years of hard work and help. From here forward you will be sending
show approvals to Amy.

anuary 2021 Newsletter

Presidents Notes:

Happy New Year PSHA Family.

In most years, I would say not much is going on through the winter and I hope that
the Holiday season was good to you and your family. Well, I still hope the holiday
season was good to you and your family. But … as with everything this year,
nothing has been easy.

Here is the news. As simple and easy as I can communicate it. Things in our state
are still struggling to open. And, it doesn’t seem that it will change any time soon.
So, our executive team started working with the rules committee to come up with
some Emergency Guidelines that are intended to help open the door for shows to
be held in the coming year should the opportunity arise.

As a result, we were able to go to our Board of Directors over the holidays and
get approval on the following:

20/21 PSHA Covid-19 Temporary Emergency guidelines for the 20/21 PSHA
season running August 1, 2019- July 31, 2021.

The following guidelines are to be used by Show Management if such restrictions
in your County for Covid-19 do not allow Show Management to manage PSHA
shows per current rulebook. It is proposed that we:

1.        Allow for “limited riders” based on the arena/club/fairgrounds or county
rules/restrictions and allow for the times to count for State/Interstate
averages/awards. Consultation and approval of the Vice President is required.

2.        Allow for “Mini Shows”
       a.        “Mini Shows” are the same events but broken down into “time
lots/groups” on the same day.  A “time lot/group” is a specific number of riders
that have a predetermined time that they will show up and ride. The start time
for each “time lot/group” will be determined and published by the Show
       b.        “Mini Shows” are “time lot/groups” in the same arena, on the same
day and with the same event order.
       c.         Only one show approval fee will be needed per day regardless of how
many  “time lots/groups” are run that day.
       d.        The events must be run in order listed on the show approval form
before going to the next “time lot/group”.
       e.        Riders may ride multiple horses within their “time lot/group”.
       f.        If a show only offers an open class with no Jackpot class in an event,
the same “horse/rider combination” may ride more than once in each event. (At
the discretion of the show chairman).  
       g.        The “same horse/rider combination” cannot ride in different “time
lot/groups” within the “Mini Show”.  
       h.        Allow for courses to be reset for “time lots/groups”, so long as the
events are run in the exact same order at the same show, in the same arena, on
the same day.

3.        Allow for your 3-time average to come from one arena instead of two
separate arenas.
*****ALL other PSHA rules will be followed as outlined in the 2021 rule book.
Please keep in mind that these are a temporary set of guidelines that will help
open the door to having shows in what is likely to be a restricted environment in
the coming year. It is still incredibly important that show management know what
the restrictions are for their county or arena. They also need to know and
understand their insurance.
We hope this helps. If you have questions, please reach out your executive team
members or the rules committee. We continue to work through this for you and
hope for a fun, safe year of competition ahead.

So … Happy New Year PSHA Family. Here is to things improving and a better
year ahead. I hope I am able to see you in the arena soon.


2021 Scholarship Information

2021 PSHA Senior Scholarship
Thank you to the Eaton Family-Extra Mile and Chevron for the extra $1000
added to our scholarship fund.  It means a lot to all of us members to recognize
and help our young members as they extend their education beyond high school.  
Our grand total will be $2200.00 to be awarded this year.  Deadline for all
applications is May 15th, 2021.  You can find the application forms on the website
or e-mail me directly and I can send you one.   This year for all students isn’t
quite what you expected, but hopefully this will be a bright spot in your senior
year.  Happy New Year!!!   Lesa Bland,  I have attached
the application form for the newsletter.

Presidents Notes for November:

I am sitting down to write what is typically my newsletter of the calendar year. It seems abnormally
cold, wet and dark. As much as I try to remain level-headed, even kee
led and calm, over everything. Right now, it can be a challenge.

Just a couple weeks ago, I was able to share with you that the executive team agreed to remove the
phase restriction from the show approval process. We want you to have the ability to
put on a show – if it can be done safely and fairly. We definitely want you t
o understand your insurance and make sure you and the participants are protected.

As we investigated pote
ntial obstacles with the Rules Committee, we realized that on Page 72, letter D of the PSHA Rulebook, it says:
D. No times will be counted for closed or restricted shows (exception: State Finals Championshi
p Show, Interstate Championship Meet, and the Classic Show).
What this means is that if
there is a restriction on who can participate in the show, then the times will not count for PSHA averages.
Thank you to the Rules Committee for helping us navigate this. And thank you to all of you for your und
erstanding as we continue to work to navigate through this year.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around all the things that his last year has brought, done and meant f
or me, my family and this organization. But as I look back and just want to sha
ke my head, I am reminded of all the things that I am proud of and thankful for.

First off, I got to have a really nice conversation with Dan Salkawske a couple weeks ago. He let m
e know that he was retiring from show approvals. Show approvals will be run
ning through Vice President Amy DeBoer going forward. This is the point at conv
ention where we would all stand and give a huge round of applause and thank D
an for all his years contributing to PSHA and WSH. He has been a big help to me
through the years and has been a real unsung hero in our org
anization. Thank you Dan! Our best to you. Don’t be a stranger!

Next, I am forever grateful to our PSHA Executive team. We had a lot of discussions, conference
calls, email conversations and did whatever we needed to in an effort to na
vigate this year with foresight and consideration for everything. As with anyt
hing, we didn’t always agree. We shared our passions, emotions, concerns and fe
ars for the organization. We did all we could to lead from the front. Amy,
Shannon, Lauren and Lesa, thank you for all you do to keep us going dow
n the right path. You contribute so many hours to the betterment of thi
s organization. As a member and your fellow committee member, I am lucky to have you.

To my entire PSHA family. Thank you for your patience and understanding. The few of you that I have h
ad the opportunity to cross paths with have had great questions, been understa
nding of the answers and very kind in your support. I will continue to
be thankful and appreciative of your passion for our organization.

Last, but certainly not least, I am so thankful for my family – Melonie, Duncan and Samantha
– I love you and appreciate your love and support of me.

As we turn to the year ahead, I would be silly to think I know what the next fe
w months will
bring. But I do know that your leadership team is already talking about what our next step
s will be when February and March roll around and the picture hopefully gets a little more clear.

Have a great holiday seaso
n. Enjoy your family and I look forward to seeing you around the corner!


PSHA October 2020 Newsletter
Presidents Notes:

Welcome to Fall PSHA Family. We’ve definitely seen the weather turn a great deal in
the last couple weeks. It’s remarkabl
e how short the daylight is feeling. But, with it comes opportunities to settle in a l
ittle earlier with the family. For us, that means playing games together, which I really e

Normally, we would be coming together for Convention. Discussing and debating rule
proposals and laying the groundwork for the year to come. Well, this year, we had a
lot of hard decisions and discussions way earlier in the year. This past weekend, the e
xecutive team came together to revisit those hard decisions.

Back in early June, the PS
HA Board of Directors and Executive team voted as follows:
1.        We will combine this
competition year with the 2021 competition year, making a combined year 20/21.
2.        All times that were/are run during 2020 will roll into your 2021 average.
3.        We will roll the awards fee to count towards 2021.
4.        We will extend the Supr
eme horse times for this occurrence one year. For exampl
e, your supreme times can be 2018, 2019 and 20/21 combined.
5.        We will cancel th
e 2020 Annual Meeting in Lake Chelan and roll our commitment to Lake Chelan to 202
6.        We will roll our 2020 officers into 2021.
7.        We will extend judges and timers cards to be good through the 2021 season.
8.        We will approve PSHA
shows once your county is in Phase 3 or 4 for the combined year 20/21.
a.        It is up to the s
how board to monitor the phase and meet the state restrictions/requirements.

UPDATE as of 10/18/20:
After our conversation this weekend, we’ve decided that it’s time to remove the pha
se restrictions and approve
shows moving forward. Here are the things that we can’t emphasize enough.
1.        Understand your insurance and potential liability.
2.        Know the rules and restrictions that you need to meet.
3.        Have a plan put in place that is well communicated and easily enforced.

A couple of loose ends out of this were:
1.        PSHA Annual Memberships
: These do not carry over from the previous year. You will need to pay a new members
hip for this year.

2.        Age Groups: Within PSHA
, we will freeze age groups and compete based off your age as of August 31, 2019.

3.        Interstate Qualification: At th
e last Interstate Meeting, the committee approved a motion that PSHA and WHO
paid members for the 2020 season would qualify as Juniors in 2021. Non-Me
mbers in 2020 would not be kept in the Junior age group.

I hope this helps you as you have re
gion meetings and start trying to figure out what the year ahead may look like.

Speaking of the year ahead, there is still a lot of uncertainty. It continues to be difficu
lt to parse all the news out there. The one thing that is for sure, nothing is consistent.

Finally, I want to thank you for your time and love of this organization and the family th
at we are. It hasn’t been an easy y
ear. I have no doubt that we are on course, but I don’t know if we’re turning the sec
ond or third barrel. What I do know is that we’re all cheering and supporting eac
h other to finish this run as safe and fast as we can.

More to come in a couple weeks.

See you soon!


A note from Amy: She is now sole
ly in charge of show approvals. Thanks to Dan for all his years of hard work and
help. From here forward you will be sending show approvals to Amy.

PSHA September 2020 Newsletter
Presidents Notes:

Hello PSHA Family. Often as I sit to write to you, I look at the newsletters from years
past in an effort to recall a
ll the topics or to make sure I get the timing of reminders correct.
Last year, started off talking about h
ow fast the year went by. Oddly, I am feeling the same this year. Even though I didn’
t step foot in the arena or spend one second on a microphone, it’s hard for me to
believe that it’s half-way through September. The members I have talked to seem to fee
l the same way.

My point in this is, that while we didn
’t get to compete in the arena, I hope all of you had a busy and satisfying summer.
That you stayed busy. That you stayed happy. And you stayed healthy.

Also, as I look back at last years Newsletter, this was the newsletter that I got to writ
e about our Interstate Championship. I can’t help but think about it with a smile. I am
reminded of how we came
together as a team. There was a mindfulness about everything we did. I am still very pr
oud. Thank you!

One other note on this … WE’RE STILL THE CHAMPS!

As we press forward in a year of unknowns, there isn’t a whole of lot of clarity for wh
at is ahead. But what I know is that
we are still united. We are still looking out for each other. Thank you for being a part o
f the family.

I hope to see you soon!


PSHA August 2020 Newsletter
Presidents Notes:

Happy August to all my PSHA Fa
mily. It’s hard to believe that we would normally be in Wenatchee right now. So m
any traditions, celebrations and memories. I know we’re all missing it. But this yea
r has been a little different than any of us have ever seen.
I think as we are home this year and we
reflect on the year that has mostly passed. It’s a year that has impacted s
o many people in different ways. For some, it was frustrating. For
some, relaxing. And there are numerous stages in between.

Here is what I know about our m
embers. Despite the things going on in the world, you are still riding your horse.
You are still staying in contact with your horse family. Some of you are still searching
for ways to compete. My hope for you is that you find the right way to enjoy your year
, even though we haven’t been able to compete  as we hoped.

I think many of us are starting to think
about what is going to happen in the future. The reality is we don’t know yet. Ther
e is so much uncertainty and many unknowns. There are a lot of questions that don’t hav
e answers.

What I look forward to is our
people working together to come up with the best solution for the entire organizatio
n. Coming back together at some point to share in family and fun.

As an organization, know that your executive team will be talking about it and worki
ng with the board of directors to keep us looking ahead.

As always, thank you for your heart and passion. It is really appreciated.

Hope to see you soon!


Presidents Notes For July 2020

Howdy PSHA Family.

The misadventures of 2020 continue. While we started the discussion of what the 20
20 season would look like about 4 months ago. Not much has changed.

We continue to hold our ground and have dreams of what the coming season will bri
ng. In the meantime, a lot of the world around us seems in chaos and confusion. D
espite all that swirls around us
our organization remains active and has things to celebrate.

While many of us would love to be in the arena competing – and some of you have foun
d a way – others are taking
advantage of the time away from competition to do many other things.

My family has built new stall fo
r the horses. We can now feed without dodging the rain as much!

Randy and Jackie have made go
od friends with the Doctor. Randy has lost weight and put new sand in the arena and w
alker. Way to go!

Tracy Two Bits enslaved his family into creating fancy new digs for his ponies.

Amy DeBoer decided she should pursue a new career as a pony chariot racer … I feel
like she re-enacts the chariot race from Ben Hur as much as she can.
How long before she hooks Tater up and tries rescue race?

Others have graduated High School or College. We are proud of our accomplished you
ngsters that are moving forward to the next steps in life.

Thank you for your patience and effo
rts to make the most of this season. Thank you to the executive team and Board
for providing good direction and working to have foresight into an uncertain environm

Stay safe, sane and healthy!

Until I see you again,


June Newsletter:
Hello PSHA Family.
I feel like we’re living a Charles Dickens novel right now. It might be great if it was A
Tale of Two Cities. Then along wi
th the worst of times, we’d be able to talk about the best of times too.
Alas, the good news feels like it’s few
and far between. But let me take a shot at it.   First though, let’s recap where we stand
for this year.

The summary is this. Shows are on hold until show chairs know their county is at least
in Phase 3. It is the show chairs responsibility to know their phase, their insurance a
nd execute a plan in compliance with regulations. We’re rolling our times over into a
combined 20/21 year. State Finals and Interstate are canceled.

In the grand scheme of all that is hap
pening across the country and the world, it seems like small potatoes. I know that eac
h show and each ride matters. I also know that we don’t exactly know when the nex
t one will be. But there will be one. It’s just a matter of time. And I think that is where
the good news starts. You will get to ride again. We will be together as a family ag
ain. We will share times, experiences, laughs and tears again.

Something else you should take pride in is the leadership throughout this organizati
on. After all of these tough decisions, I wrote a letter of thanks to your Executive C
ommittee and Board of Directors. Here is why. The team that supports me and repre
sents you lead from the front. They were patient. They did the best they could to colle
ct the facts, monitor other organizations and sit on the phone – on hold for over an hou
r – with the governor’s office. They passionately discussed and laid out all the options
. They came to tough decisions that protected the organization and exhausted every op
portunity to save the season. Then they presented thoughtful proposals for the Board of
Directors to help make a decision. The result is that we have guidan
ce and a plan that will direct us for the next 18 months.

This team leads from the front. For that I am thankful. I am appreciative. I applaud t
hem for leading, not chasing. Because of that and because you, our family, respect tho
se hard decisions and efforts, we are aligned. We may not like the circumstances. Bu
t we are moving forward. As a team. As the family that we are.

And that, my friends, is the best of times right now. Respect. Unity. And a love for fa
mily. That is what makes PSHA different. It makes me proud of us.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Don't forget to still support our jun
iors. They are working on a cookbook to sell as a fund
raiser. Please email recipes to Thanks


I am writing you to give you an update on things as we move forward.
I think it’s important to give a lot of thanks to our Executive team. We are – I am – lu
cky to have Amy, Lauren, Shanno
n and Lesa helping guide this organization. There have been many hours put into th
e thoughts, suggestions, and efforts to keep this organization operating. There ar
e a lot of factors that play into making sure the members of our family remain s
afe and our organization sustainable for years to come.
We have decided for many reasons that we need to cancel the 2020 State finals. There
is too much uncertainty a
bout ability to compete and develop averages. And Appleatchee is unlikely to book sho
ws until September.
The Executive team came up with 8 proposals to put to a vote of the PSHA Board of di
rectors for guidance for the coming year. We know there will be questions, and to be
honest we still have some too. We forgot to write in the Pandemic exception into the
rule book! I’ll do my best to address some of the questions and comments at the end.

The vote was unanimous to move a
head with the following adjustments to the coming season.
1.        We will combine this
competition year with the 2021 competition year, making a combined year 20/21.
2.        All times that were/are run during 2020 will roll into your 2021 average.
3.        We will roll the awards fee to count towards 2021.
4.        We will extend the Supr
eme horse times for this occurrence one year. For examp
le your supreme times can be 2018, 2019 and 20/21 combined.
5.        We will cancel th
e 2020 Annual Meeting in Lake Chelan and roll our commitment to Lake Chelan to 202
6.        We will roll our 2020 officers into 2021.
7.        We will extend judges and timers cards to be good through the 2021 season.
8.        We will approve PSHA
shows once your county is in Phase 3 or 4 for the combined year 20/21.
    a.        It is up to the s
how board to monitor the phase and meet the state restrictions/requirements.

Additionally, we are also looking a
t freezing age groups for one year. The consensus was that we would do this as long a
s we can align with Oregon and Interstate to make sure things go smoothly. This is a li
ttle more complicated, so we don’t expect this to get resolved until later this summer.

Show approvals:
With the cancellation of State Fina
ls, this weekend does become available for having a show, as is the rest o
f August, if your county is open and you meet the requirement/restrictions.
Please be diligent to make sure you understand what Phase you are in and know what is
required of you. There is a lot of risk for you, your club and the people within the org
anization. I can’t emphasize enough to understand your insurance.  Understand that 50 p
eople includes spectators an
d non-riders. We know that you are all capable of figuring out how to do this.
It was suggested by one board member that you try to get a permit from your county.

Officers: All officers will retain their
current position in the organization if they are willing. Rules Committee, including
Jack, will remain in their position for one more year.

What about interstate?: It was announ
ced last night that Interstate has been canceled. Our deposit has been moved to next yea

Thank you again for your patience in this process. We appreciate you all. We hope tha
t this guidance will be helpful as we forge ahead through the next 18 months.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.


As of today the Interstate committee has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020
Interstate Championship Meet. While not a single member of the committee likes
the idea of canceling, we must remember that the competition is Oregon (WHO) and
Washington (PSHA), without one team or the other it is not Interstate!
In all probability, Washington will be
canceling their State Finals due to the inability to have qualifying shows. PSHA w
ill be lucky if shows can be held by July because of the limitations imposed by the
State of Washington. Since they only had a couple of shows last fall, there are no comp
etitive averages, thus no fair way to pick a team for Interstate. Although the committee
deeply regrets having to cancel Interstate it is the correct decision during a time o
f so much uncertainty with no way to pinpoint the progression of
the State regulations allowing Washington to have shows.
In addition, our main way of funding Interstate is at a standstill. As a committee we wa
nt to put on the best show we
are capable of, the kind of show you have come to expect when you come to Interstate.
Sincerely your Interstate committee