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June 2018
Presidents Message:

We’re in the heart of the season. There are shows everywhere now that we’re looking at June and July.
But the weather hasn’t completely cooperated. But we’re making the most of it.
I see postings of fast times popping out of arenas all over the state and Congrats to Rhonda Getter and
Buddy on achieving their first supreme award!
Here’s the update and reminder of the other things going on in the organization.

Classic shows: Please reach out to Klayton Tjoelker at and let see what needs to
be done to host a classic show. I have heard a couple of plans but nothing confirmed as to who may be

State Finals: Awards and buckles are in the works for another great State Finals, but there are a lot of tasks
that need help. Please get involved to help. We need to spread the opportunity to help put on this amazing
show. Kelsey, Kristi and the rest of the organization need you!

Princess Support: Princess Lauren Snider has been moving around the state in search of sponsorships.
Please be sure to engage her and make sure she has the opportunity to raise some money, do a rodeo run
and answer impromptu questions. It’s all for Interstate and her chance to practice for the Queen competition.
Thanks for representing Interstate Lauren!

Junior Activities: Juniors as you make your way through the show season, be listening for fund raising
activities from Tyler and Aubrielle Robinson. If you have ideas to raise money for the juniors, please reach out
to them at

Scholarships: This year’s scholarship winner is Lindsey Sogge. Congrats to Lindsey! Good luck to all our
graduating seniors as you venture off on life’s next great adventure!

Convention: We are signed to have convention at Angel of the Winds Casino October26-28. We’re excited
to be in a new venue. There is fun and excitement in the works. Please remember to start coordinating region
baskets and other silent auction options. And reach out to RoseAnne Rutgers as she is planning and working
on the event. Thanks RoseAnne!

Keep riding hard, being a family and supporting each other and well see you in the arena soon!

Congratulations to our 2018 PSHA Scholarship winner Lindsey Sogge!  Please see the junior web
page for more information on this amazing young lady!

Club News:

Hi everybody.
The evening show we typically have here in Wenatchee in August we were thinking of changing to a daytime
show, starting at our regular 10:00 time. We wanted to see if there's people that would come if we did.
Usually in the evening it's just us locals, which there are hardly any as many of you know. We were thinking it
might be more work than it's worth for just us. Please let me know anyway that works for you, (email, text,
phone, etc.),what works for you.
Thanks. Jeremy   509-860-1266

Snohomish County Parks Conducts Horse Recreation Survey

Equestrians asked to participate online by July 31

EVERETT, Wash., June 12, 2018 – Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism is seeking public input
on equestrian needs to support horse recreation in county parks and on trails. The Parks, Recreation and
Tourism department asks all interested horse owners and riders to fill out a brief two minute survey, “Horses
Count,” online by July 31, 2018 to describe needs and interests.  The survey launched in May and will help
guide planning of how and where to better serve the equestrian community in county parks.

Equestrian needs can vary greatly from styles of ridership, types of trail surfaces, facility needs, camping
options, and more. The survey will also help determine the number of horses in the county and where they

“The survey is intended to give us a better understanding of equestrian needs and where those interests are
located as we plan out the next several years,” said Sharon Swan, Snohomish County Principal Park Planner.
“Horse-based recreation is important in our County. We want to better serve the horse community and would
like public participation in identifying what the biggest needs are.”

The Park and Recreation Element of Snohomish County’s Comprehensive Plan identifies equestrian
recreation as a priority as well as improvements to county parks for horse use.  Currently horses can use
Lord Hill, Paradise Valley Conservation Area, Centennial Trail, the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, and parts of
Whitehorse Trail.

“I am thrilled at the response to the Horses Count survey,” said Catherine Collins, Snohomish County Parks
Advisory Board Member and ambassador of “Horses Count.”  “We are seeing tremendous public
engagement so far already, and we look forward to much more in the coming months.”

Contribute your equestrian voice on the Horses Count survey HERE.

Horses Count Survey link:

Snohomish County Park and Recreation Element (A Component of the Snohomish County Comprehensive
Plan) link: