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"I look forward to hearing from any girl
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either now or in the future," says Suzie.

Suzie Kennell
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2019 PSHA Rulebook


President Notes:

We’re a full month into the main part of our season. And, well, things seem
relatively quiet. The weather hasn’t helped that much, as we’ve seen a few
rainouts. Fires have kicked up on over on the east side and are too close to many
of our friends.
Since our last newsletter, I got the opportunity to get out to a few arenas and
see some nice runs and many of the faces that I miss through the off season. I
was able to watch the unofficial barrel record by Amber Moore as an X rider in
Yelm. Then the next day I got to see Lindsay Sogge tie the SR Figure 8 Record.
Along with all the friends and family, the season has been off to a pretty good
start for me.
One of the things that is exciting for me is a feeling that there are more and
more kids riding. It seems that there might be a little growth in our 18 and under
group, which is really exciting. I also saw and talked to a few new faces to the
organization. Let’s continue to welcome them and support them.

Here’s what I know about some of the other important topics around the state.

Scholarships: This year’s winner is Grace LeSueur!
Such a deserving and great young lady. In the fall Grace will be headed to Biola
University in La Mirada, CA with an intent to study Art and pursue a career in
design or visual arts. She also hopes to study biblical studies and study abroad.
Juniors and coming Seniors: Don’t forget that there are PSHA scholarships
available for High School Seniors. The criteria and form are also on the website.

Sponsorships: We continue to work on and look for sponsorships for State Finals
as well as other PSHA endeavors. If you have leads or sponsorships that you’ve
been able to secure, please don’t hesitate to reach out. To myself or Kelsey.
There is also a sponsorship form on the website. http://patternedspeedhorse.

Convention: We are locked in for Convention for the next two years!
•        This year (2019) we will be at Angel of the Winds Casino October 25th –
•        Next year (2020) we will be back at Campbells Resort in Chelan. October
23rd – 25th.

For those interested in helping set up convention this year at Angel of the
Winds, please reach out to myself or Melonie.

That’s all for now. As things continue to ramp up, I look forward to seeing you in
an arena soon!


The PSHA O-MOK-SEE is well on it's way to be an awesome event. All PSHA
events are approved and will count towards your 2020 average. The only
individual event we aren't running at this is Keyhole. We have a feeling next
year it'll be in though!!  Please note the Friday night barrel race in NOT the
PSHA pattern.
This show was brought about to open the door for the possibility of new
members to PSHA, please feel free to share this flyer as much as you can!!
(Flyer attached) Pre-Entry Forms will be published in the July Newsletter! Can't
wait for this show weekend!! It's going to be a blast!!

Kelsey & Kristi

Members: As the updated membership list comes out please make sure that you
are double checking your information. Some of the handwriting is a little tough
to read so I do my best to make it out.