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5.10.20 Newsletter  
Presidents Notes:

As always, I want to extend my best wishes to all my PSHA Family and a Happy
Mothers day to all of our wonderful mothers. As I usually do, I look back at past
newsletters to remind myself of years past and make sure I touch on the things
that occur about the same time every year. Unfortunately, it’s not helping me
much this May.
Right now. As I think through this. When I push past all the politics, all the
beliefs and all of the emotional responses, I come to this. Our family is going
through this together. There is no rulebook, playbook, handbook or instructions
on how to get through this event.
For me, I must turn to the facts to help me. Here are the facts:
       1. The virus is real and does exist.
       2. People are dying from it. – This can be hard to grasp until it’s someone
you know.
       3. It isn’t legal for PSHA to compete.

Here is what I want you to know about your Executive Team. We have been
communicating about this for weeks, trying to figure out the best course of
action for this family that maintains hope of competing. But also, a course of
action that takes into account health, safety and fairness for each and every one
of our family members.

What’s next?:
We will be meeting again in late May, when we hope to have a better vision of
what the government may do in the weeks and months to come. In the
meantime, we are exploring options and government approval for us to compete.
Next, our hope is that we’ll be making a decision by the first week of June about
whether we can pursue a season that includes State Finals. This is also the time
frame that the Interstate committee will be making a decision about Interstate.
If we are able to get shows opened up for all to compete, we will pursue a season
that includes a State Finals to the best of our ability.
If we are only able to ride with restrictions to how we compete, will likely need
to look at other options for State Finals.

In the scenario that we are not fully open to competition as of June 1:
       •The Executive Committee would like to propose that State Finals be
       •We would propose that times ran at any legally held shows before August
1, would roll into the 2021 season and count toward State and Interstate 2021.
       •We would propose that efforts be made to have a Kick Covid Open show
in Wenatchee in late August if it is legal to do so. Times from this show would
count towards the 2021 season.

What we need from you:
Over the next couple weeks, we encourage each club to check on their
insurance policies for this year. There is a potential for insurance issues. Many
insurance companies are not covering events like this, especially if there are any
restrictions on people in public. Please make sure that you and your family are
protected in this potential scenario.

Rulebooks, Judge and Timers:
Thank you for all the questions about this.
We realize that rulebooks aren’t out. We also realize that normal judges and
timers clinics haven’t been held for obvious reasons. Rather than spend a bunch
of money on printing rulebooks that we’ll never use.
       •We have delayed printing until we know that we will have a season.
       •We have the digital rulebook available that will be getting posted on the
       •We will work through judges and timers clinics as we’re able when the
season starts.

PSHA Scholarship: There is still time. Seniors, please check out the information
on the Website! http://patternedspeedhorse.

I can’t thank you enough for your passion. I appreciate your dedication to this
We will get through this together, as a family. Until then…

Please stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep supporting each other.