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April 2018 Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations PSHA family. We’re on the cusp of another exciting year.

As I was reflecting on the last month looking forward to writing this newsletter, as I
usually do, I looked back at last year to see what I wrote. Here is a quick line that
sticks out:
I think we’re all hoping that we don’t see the April Showers this year. It’s been so
darn rainy. I hope everyone sees their ground dry soon. I know that we’re all
making our best efforts to ride.
Crazy how little has changed this year … Or maybe we just live in the Northwest.

Also, as the calendar turns to April, we’re truly into show season. We are actually
just a week or so away from the first shows of the year. Thank you to our eastern
Members for allowing us to get started! And, as the Calendar turns to May, we’ll get
started over in sunny, dry Sequim (fingers crossed). It looks like we have a place to
ride every weekend between now and State Finals in August.  

Who’s excited!?!?!

State Finals: I know that our dynamic duo of Kelsey and Kristi are fast at work
getting things going. They have even gotten a few people to step in and help some.
Continue to reach out Kristi and Kelsey to see how you can help and maybe some of
you might be interested in taking on the task in the next year or two.

I would like to announce that Brian Strong and Nate Morgan will be joining our
Interstate Committee. Brian will be joining to take on arena director duties and
dealing with the dirt and any other things that we’ll need to happen.
Nate brings a lot of knowledge of rules and a younger presence to our team and
expose some people that haven’t been a part of the committee in the past. He’ll be
stepping in to help in a variety of areas and volunteered to keep the awards lady in

Thank you to the many that threw their hat in the ring and are willing to step to the
plate. We need all that interest and input to make sure things go well. Make sure you
reach out to the committee and let them know you’re interested in helping.

Speaking of Interstate, Washington has a Princess. Princess Lauren Snider! She’s
made the commitment to represent our state and raise money to support Interstate.
Look for her to be making her way around to shows. Be sure to give her words of
encouragement and offer your support! (see below)

Convention: Schedules have made it tough for RoseAnn and I to get details put
together, but we’ll be working on that soon. More to come … Promise!

The season has begun and the race to August is upon us.

See you in the arena soon!


Hi, my name is Lauren Snider
and I have just declared as
Washington State’s 2018
been a member of the
Nooksack Valley Riders
and the Patterned Speed
Horse Association for 8 years now.

When I heard that Washington
really needed a Princess I was
so excited to step up and take
on this role. I would not be who
I am today if it weren't for my
amazing PSHA family. To me,
being your 2018 Interstate Princess
is my opportunity to give back to
all of you who have done so much
for me.
Although I have declared very late
in the year I am going to do my very
best to get out to every region possible
this season to support you all and to
raise money for Interstate. Each club
will be hearing from me soon so we
can schedule which shows I will be
attending. I have already made plans
to attend an Agnew Riders show at
Crosby's arena May 5 and 6 and to
attend the Nooksack Valley Riders
show in Yelm May 26 and 27. I am
so excited for the show season to
begin and to start meeting you all!
I am so thankful for your faith in
me and for your support and I am
honored to represent you as your
2018 Interstate Princess!
Proud to be Representing you,
Princess Lauren