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July 2018
Presidents Message:

And just like that, we’re heading for home. There’s truly three weeks left in the season … maybe less by the
time you read this. It’s been a whirlwind, much like a 6-second keyhole run. Hopefully we didn’t step on any
lines, but there really isn’t any time to look.
And just like any run this season, there’s no looking back. It eyes where you’re going with state finals,
interstate and classic in mind. Hopefully a few of you have eyes on wrapping up your 7A.
I guess there is looking back though. Once you’re out of the arena and can focus on the friends and memories
that make this organization special. So,  make sure that you’re creating the best memories ever! And send the
pictures of it to Shannon!
Here’s your update of what’s happening or coming up around the organization.

Classic Shows: This probably has the most buzz right now if you can judge anything by social media. Jason
and Klay are working on putting together another North-end Classic. And there is a lot of stir about getting a
west side classic going at South Seattle this year. I believe we’ll be hearing more about this in the next week
or two.
In the meantime, reach out to Klayton at or pester him on his cell. First off,
congratulate he and Jess on their new little Tjoelker coming this winter. Then see what you can do to help.
He’ll connect you with the right people!

State Finals: We always need people to help the committee get ready for the show. We can always use
sponsorships and other funds to make things happen too. Not to mention we could use a few people to learn
from Kelsey and Kristi what needs to happen so that you too could run a state finals someday. Want to know
how to help? Contact Kelsey at or on Facebook.

Princess: Laruen is still making rodeo runs. Sometimes even when they are planned!  Seriously, Lauren is out
there and needs your support. Please engage her, encourage her, thank her and find out how you can help
support Interstate.

Junior Activities: Juniors be sure to reach out to Tyler and Aubrielle at to see
what you can be doing to raise money or share ideas for this year.

Convention: Convention is set for October 26-28 at Angel of the Winds Casino and resort. Thanks again to
RoseAnn Rutgers for chairing and planning the event. North-enders, this is your year. Everyone that is
interested in helping, please reach out to RoseAnn at Thank you sooo much for your
efforts this year RoseAnn!

Thank you to everyone for all you do to make this organization tick. Lets turn and head for home with a smile
and enjoy the ride.
See you soon!     Jamie

Interstate News:
Hi everyone!
I can't believe it is already July and there is just a short amount of time left of my Princess year. I want to give
a huge thank you to all of the clubs and members who have supported me this year. I am so lucky to
represent such an amazing group of people!
Although there isn't a lot of time left in the season there are still many ways to help me raise money for
Interstate! I am still selling ads and sponsorships. If you bought an ad/sponsorship and you want to create
your own ad please send it to me as soon as possible because the deadline is coming up fast. I am also doing
a T Shirt sale and a raffle for a beautiful custom Lucky Tack halter. If you would like tickets or a shirt please
send me a message on fb or email me at I am also collecting items for the live
and silent auctions at Interstate. I would be happy to collect the items and bring them to Interstate for you or
you can bring them to Interstate but keep in mind that I have to have them collected Friday morning in order
for the money to count towards my sponsorship total. Everything adds up so quick and I know that with all of
your help we can raise a lot of money.
I would also like to invite everyone to my $500 added barrel race fundraiser and BBQ on July 13th. The
Nooksack Valley Riders are putting this event on for me at the Sumas Rodeo grounds and we would love to
see you all there.
Good luck on your last few weeks of the season and I can't wait to see you all at State Finals and Interstate!
Princess Lauren

Juniors News:
2018 PSHA Scholarship Winner Lindsay Sogge Lindsay is the daughter of Mark and Karina Sogge and has
one brother and one sister. They live in Maple Valley and she will graduate from Tahoma High School. This
fall Lindsay plans on attending Central Washington University where she will pursue a business degree and
continue to compete on her horse Reno. Lindsay has been riding all her life and gaming since she was 6 years
old. Her horse Reno with Lindsay a stride broke the PSHA Jr. Flag Record in 2017 and they just currently
broke the WAHSET barrel record of 14.14. She has won many state championships and All Around
Championships in her young life due to the rider that she is and the horses that she has had the opportunity to
ride. A quote from Lindsay’s essay; “The first day I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn, I was
introduced to a horse. I have spent my entire life surrounded by them, the comfort they provide, and the
lessons they teach. The responsibility that I have learned is due to the never ending challenge of balancing my
personal life, school work, and providing daily needs of my horses.”
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