Patterned Speed Horse Association
Patterned Speed
Make Friends
and Family for
a   Lifetime
Welcome to Patterned Speed Horse
Association! Here you'll find
information about our organization, as
well as event information. Events
include Barrel Racing, Key Stake
Race and Keyhole.

Our members have decades of
experience in organizing and events.
Whether you're new to gaming, or are
a seasoned patterned horse racing
enthusiast, you're welcome here.

We have classes and events for all age
groups and levels of riding - from little
Buckaroos to Super Seniors -
beginning to advanced, fun play days
and serious racing events.

Come join the fun, as we believe the
saying that families that play together,
stay together!

2018 High Point Saddle/Buckle Champions & Sponsors:

  • Junior - Duncan Parks - Raz / Les Schwab Tires
Reserved - Avery Coker - Jade / Blanket Express

  • Intermediate - Wylie McHale - Sittin on a Secret / Les Schwab Tires
Reserved - Lindsay Sogge - Reno / Blanket Express

  • Senior A - Addison Wenger - Snickers / Les Schwab Tires
Reserved - Ailia Salinas - Stella / Larson Gross CPA's

  • Senior B - Kasaundra McNeilly - Bugs Packin Money / Les Schwab Tire
Reserved - Amy DeBoer - Cash Dat Frenchman / Larson Gross                  

  • Super Senior A - Patti Whitaker - Juno / Les Schwab Tires
Reserved- Heather Rogers - Snickers / Larson Gross CPA's

  • Super Senior B - Waynora Martin - A Breezy Belle / Les Schwab Tires
Reserved - Jackie Little - Shoejetta Fling / Larson Gross CPA's
Reserved - Jack Weinz - Wally / PSHA

  • Individual Event Horse - A Breezy Belle - Waynora Martin / Les Schwab
Reserved - Reno - Lindsay Sogge / Don & Natalie VanMersbergen

  • All Around Horse -  Cash Dat Frenchman - Amy DeBoer / Les Schwab
Reserved - A Breezy Belle - Waynora Martin / Circle T Ranch

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to our sponsors!
PSHA's aim is to promote
excellence in
sportsmanship and

To encourage junior
riders to learn and grow
both inside and outside
the arena, together in a
family, friendly
New Supreme Horse
Ridden by Rhonda

Horses and Riders who
have earned their
Repeat 7A for 2018

Cash Dat Frenchman &
Amy DeBoer

RH Playgirl's Dualler &
Lindsay Sogge

A Breezy Belle &
Waynora Martin

Buddy &
Rhonda Getter
Lindsay Sogge
See Junior Page for more Information
Thank you Les Schwab for your 2018 Eight Saddle Sponsorships.
2018 All Around Horse
Cash Dat Frenchman - Tater
Ridden by Amy DeBoer
Reserve: ABreezy Belle/Waynora Martin
2018 Individual
Event Horse
ABreezy Belle
ridden by
Waynora Martin
Reno/Lindsay Sogge
Photo Courtesy Button Photography
2019 Interstate Princess Kendra
Hollibaugh- Get to know her on the
Junior page of the website-  
Thank You Elenbaas Company
for the buckets and grain.