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Vice President

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State Times Keeper

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Junior Riders Representative


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Rules Committee Chairman

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In order to be eligible to compete at all levels (local shows, State Finals, and Interstate) you
need to:

  1. Complete your Membership Application (found on Rider page of website) and submit to PSHA Treasurer along with the appropriate membership fee. Please make checks payable to PSHA. Address on application.
  2. Contact your local club representative if you require a competitor number or State Times Keeper (officer page).  
  3. Join us at the Show!!!

PSHA holds shows throughout the Pacific NW.  Local shows are open to anyone who wants to participate in patterned speed events.  You don’t have to be a member, but only members are
eligible for our year-end events and awards.  We have two year-end events held the last few weeks of
August.  You can qualify to ride at these events by establishing an average an each event.  The average is made up of your 3 fastest times run in an event.  

State Finals: By invitation only, you must achieve one of the top 15 (10 in team events)
averages in the Association, within your age division for Juniors and Intermediates.  Seniors
will be divided into 4 groups with the top 15 riders in group one, then 15 riders in group 2
and 15 riders in group 3 and 15 riders in group 4 in all individual events run by fastest
averages.  Must pay an awards fee of $25.00 before riding or collect sponsorship money.  See
Forms on State Finals tab.

By invitation only, PSHA’s top 10 Juniors and Seniors go head to head against
Western Horsemen of Oregon’s’ top 10.  This competition is held Labor Day Weekend.  The
location varies each year, somewhere in WA or OR.  

..To keep track you can write your times off the arena sheets or look on the website.  Most importantly is to look at the arena sheet to make sure the time written is correct.  It is the riders job to find any errors at the show before being being sent to the State Times Keeper.

Even though we have a State Times Keeper, each rider should keep track of their own times.  
If you feel there has been an error, contact our Times Keeper to discuss the problem.  Be
prepared with the dates and arena’s you are using to establish your average.  We try very
hard to maintain accuracy, but no one cares more about your average than you.  

A Supreme Champion Horse Award is to be given to
any horse running three times in each event listed
below, within three (3) qualifying seasons (State
Finals Championship Show, Classic Show, and
Interstate Championship Meet included).  After
receiving a Supreme Horse Award, it is with the
understanding that all new qualifying times must be
run in the next year or three (3) years.  Previous
years times will not be used.

SUPREME TIMES:                
Barrels: 14.60 and under
Figure 8: 10.20 and under
Flags (Ind): 7.90 and under
Keyhole: 6.90 and under
Keyrace: 8.30 and under
Polebending: 20.50 and under