High School Senior Scholarship 2024

2022 Scholarship Winner
Emma LeSueur




Emma is the daughter of Larry and Nancy LeSueur. She has one sister, Grace. Both girls have been powerhouse competitors in the PSHA arenas for many years and their parent’s diligent workers and supporters in the arena as well. Emma will be graduating Eastlake High School in Sammamish with an AA from the Ocean Research College Academy through Running Start program. She will be attending Texas Christian University in the fall and plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in business also to further extend her studies abroad. Emma and her family belong to the South Seattle Saddle Club. Here is a quote from Emma’s Essay on “Lessons Learned from a Horse”. “To accomplish trust in any relationship, I learned that I must be open and have honest communication. To be fair and equal in my actions. Most of all, I learned that trust is built on dedication to these commitments that make up a good foundation. My foundation started with the lessons that I learned from my horses.”

There were no applicants in 2023.

One – $1200.00 awarded to PSHA member 2024 Graduate.   This scholarship is a non-renewable to be awarded by June 1st, 2024.


  • You must be a senior in High School during the current school year of that year in which applying for the scholarship.
  • You must be a current member of PSHA and have a current second timer’s card or higher official card.
  • Copy of High School Transcript included with application.
  • You must be furthering your education after High School.

(If awarded scholarship, it will be paid when a copy of your registration to institution of higher learning is received at PSHA.)

One letter of recommendation from another PSHA Adult member (non family member) attached to application.

Application, essay, copy of transcript, and recommendation letter must be turned in by May 15th, 2024 to Lesa Bland, 8426 Heimbigner Rd, Cashmere, 98815.

Application below.


Past Winners

2022- Emma LeSueur

2021 – Emma Hardin

2020 – Wylie McHale

2019 – Grace LeSueur

2018 – Lindsay Sogge

2017 – Megan Howard

2016 – Emma Vine & Hannah Sperber

2015 – Becca Flight & Kelsey Hardin

2014 – Tanner Stockwell & Anne Marie Vandersypen

2013 – Aunaleisa Salinas & Jennifer Schmunk

2012 – Katyrina Todd & Teaka Dahlstrom

2011 – Kortney Todd & Amanda Tucker

2010 – Kristie Lagerway & Kendra Bosscher

2009 – Addison Wenger & EJ Canavan

2008 – Ady Crosby & Jessica Many