Interstate Championship Games


Hello, my name is Emma Albright. I am 21 years old, I began riding with Pattern Speed Horse Association when I was 8 years old at my local PSHA arena (Crosby’s arena) and have loved the association ever since. Within the association I have been shown so much kindness and love from so many wonderful people. I want to run for Interstate Queen so that it gives me the opportunity to give back to all of these wonderful people that have given so much to me. I live in Sequim, WA where I am currently attending Peninsula College obtaining my nursing degree. This year I look forward to getting out and going to more shows and clubs and meeting more amazing people within our amazing unique association.

Thank you, Princess Emma

Feel free to contact me at (360)808-2201 or

Hey there! My name is Jojo Lindsey and I am one of your 2024 Interstate Queen candidates. I am the 18 year old daughter of Ashley and Taylor Lindsey, and we reside in Everson, WA.  Last year I graduated from Mount Baker high school where I competed on the High School Equestrian team as well as varsity basketball. My plan after high school is to go to the Oklahoma horse shoeing school with the hopes to become a great and respected ferrier in my area. I also have plans to attend Vet Tech School in the near future and hope to work at the Northwest Veterinary clinic of Mount Vernon. 

I have been a part of the Nooksack Valley riders and PSHA for a little over three years but it has felt like a life time. I have been blessed with amazing people to show me the ropes and catch me up to speed quickly! From not knowing how to ride at all in 2017 to where I am competing today on one of the craziest mares around. I started my PSHA journey on ole trusty Bird who showed me a ton, along side Burgess who tested my patience daily. Those two paint geldings have a spot in my heart forever. I have now moved on to Peppy, my beloved red mare, and Tomichi, who isn’t quite running with the big dogs but she’s on her way. I have been competing with these two for about two years and couldn’t ask for it any other way. Some of the most amazing athletes and partners a girl could ever have. 

Interstate is fairly new to me but has been an amazing experience each time I’ve gone! My first year going was in 2021 when I was 16 and I competed with Bird. We only made it in two individual events along with a few team events. It was so much fun and all of the people there were welcoming and made it an amazing experience despite the lack of luck with my runs. My second year at Interstate I qualified in every individual event with Peppy and some team events with my amazing friends and family. Peppy waited until the last second to get our final time for 7A, for PSHA, and did it with a bang! We won poles, getting my first ever buckle and completing our 7A journey in just three months together. It was an uplifting experience to say the least! I am honored to ride such an amazing mare and compete along side the great people in this organization. 

PSHA and WHO have helped me grow so much as a person already and I am ready for more of it! In just the three years I have traveled to Interstate, I have met some amazing people who keep me wanting to show up. I am excited to meet more of our friends from Oregon and explore more arenas near and far! I am ready to give back to the organization that has shown me so much. 

I am extremely excited to be able to represent PSHA and WHO this year! I hope everyone has an amazing season filled with clean, safe and fast runs! 

Your 2024 Interstate Princess,

Jojo Lindsey 

Interstate Championship Show 2024 will be held at Appleatchee Riders, Wenatchee, WA on Labor Day weekend, August 30th-September 1st 2024.


Interstate Results 2023:

Washington PSHA Won 1621 points to Oregon WHO 1489 points.

Junior Individual High Point Winner - PSHA JoJo Lindsay riding Peppy

Senior Individual High Point Winner - PSHA Jessica Bales riding Opal

Interstate Queen - Cole Collins, WHO member


What is Interstate you ask? It is where the PSHA riders and WHO (Western Horsemen of Oregon) compete in the same arena for the bragging rights of the best state when the weekend is finished. The top 10 averages in Junior (17 & under) and Senior (18 & over) age groups from each state will be invited to this packed filled fun weekend. The Princesses from each State will also have their pageant. The work they have done all season for both States will be applauded and on Saturday night the new Queen will be announced.
This year the competition will be held in Powell Butte, Oregon at the Rim Rock Event Center. It all begins Friday afternoon with an auction, potluck, and an open games show that anyone can compete. Saturday morning will be a Queens breakfast, their speeches, and judging on horsemanship, etc. The show will officially start that afternoon followed by a dinner break. After the dinner break the new Queen will be announced and then the competition will continue. Sunday will be the final day of competition with a dance and award ceremony to follow. Each event will have awards to 10th place with a gorgeous buckle for 1st place. There is also a High Point Individual Senior & Junior Saddle for the weekend. There will be a dance following the awards Sunday night. There is no words to describe this weekend until you have been there and seen it with your own eyes. It is better than the Super Bowl. It is where each State becomes a Team. You will meet new friends and rekindle old friendships.   You will receive your invitation at the same time as your State Finals invitation.  You will have an opportunity then to accept your invite or decline.  If you accept then you must fill out a stall/camping application below and mail it in.  All the information is on the application.  If you have any further questions, or concerns please use our contact page on the website.

Also for graduating Seniors there is a scholarship awarded at Interstate.  Select the link below to find the application.

Link to Interstate Championship website for more information: Interstate Championship


Interstate Stall Application & Camping


  • Date: Labor Day weekend: Saturday and Sunday.  No other shows will be approved for this weekend.
  • Qualification: Based on an average of three (3) best during the current season. Times-Keeper records will be used to determine if a three (3) time average has been established unless arena sheets are available to prove differently.  Junior and Intermediate individuals shall be combined before compiling invitations.  All Senior shall be combined before compiling invitations.
  • Invitations: Interstate invitations will be accepted or declined at the same time State Finals invitations are accepted or declined.  See invitations to State Finals Championship Show. 

            Top 10 Junior and Senior Individuals

            Top 10 Two-Man Teams

            Top 5 Four-Man Teams


  • Competition: Washington –vs- Oregon.      All events to be run under Interstate Rules except for Friday Night open show will be ran under PSHA rules.


  • Grand Entry - There will be no riding double in the Grand Entry at Interstate Championship Meet.


  • Queen Contest: Based on advertisement sales, horsemanship and personality, etc.  Awards to be selected by the Interstate Committee.  All queen candidates are required to register through their club.


  •  Substitutions: If a cancellation should occur, the next fastest average should be invited up to the second alternate.  In the 2-person and 4-person team events, once the first two alternates are not available or are already being used as substitutes.  Teams may be put together with preference given to riders who qualified in the top ten but whose partner is not present or unable to compete.  For example, if the number three qualifying team in two-man stake is missing a member and the number five team is missing a member as well.  The able members from those teams will have the option to ride together.  Combinations will be paired from the top average and downward.  If a person or team is asked to ride and decides not to ride, they have then forfeited their position for that event. In the event we are unable to fill all positions with the methods listed above, the President, or ranking executive member in attendance, will set a deadline for submissions to ride. The proposed teams must be submitted to the President, or ranking executive member, in writing by the deadline. A committee consisting of three or more of the executive members in attendance, the team captain and PSHA State Times Keeper.  This committee will consider all submissions and make a decision on who will ride before the next riders meeting. Their decision will be based on the following criteria: Experience competing in the event. Safety competing in the event. Which team(s) provide the best chance for Washington to win Interstate.


  •  Friday Night Approved Show at Interstate: The Friday night open show at Interstate is PSHA Approved.  Fees to PSHA will be waived.  Western attire must be worn for riders and arena officials.  The show will be ran Junior-Senior only.  The rules concerning X riders will be waived.  Times to count for current year.  Schedule to be printed in the Newsletter.   All proceeds from the show to go to Interstate.  Events to be ran under PSHA Rules.  This is a special event and held at this show only.


  •  INTERSTATE COMMITTEE:  Five and six members on alternate years with two hold over members each year for continuity whose purpose is to plan and produce the annual Interstate Championship Meet and maintain a separate show treasury with W.H.O.  Show management must return within forty-eight (48) hours arena sheets and records; must be sent first class mail to State Times Keeper.