December Newsletter


Merry Christmas to all of you in our PSHA Family. We’ve seen a lot of the different weather that makes this time of year “fun” for horse owners. Hopefully, you’ve still been able to spend time with your extra furry trusted steed.

As we head into the New Year, our transformation into a more digital age continues. The new Website continues to evolve. It’s getting better and better. We have a couple of shows on the schedule thanks to the folks at NVR. Be sure to come out and participate in their Winter Series this weekend, 12/17 and again in January.

Here are the updates for our slower times of the year.


New Website:

Once again, the website is live and performing better all the time. Big thanks to Lesa, Candice and Ryan for making sure this continues to evolve and more information is added all the time.

Please go on and register/login if you haven’t already. There is some great information about shows and averages are updated after every show – Yes, the NVR 1st show is in there. Way to go Candice!

Check out your rider and horse numbers. If you don’t see your information in there and you’ve sent in your membership, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us. We are continuing to work on the speed and quality of information, but it is a learning curve for us too. 


New Competition year:

Make sure you’ve got your membership taken care of. Remember that memberships have gone up $10 this year -- $30 / $50 for individual and family memberships respectively.

Also, we’re working diligently on how we can start taking electronic payment for memberships, sponsorships and fees that go directly to PSHA. We’re not there yet but getting closer. I encourage clubs to look for ways to integrate Venmo or something similar into your payment forms. It’s been a big help to the clubs that are.

We want this to be easy and go smoothly. So please use the old manual show sheets if this is easy for you. Use the Space on the right to fit Horse and Rider Numbers in. Or if you’d like my electronic file to integrate into your show office, please reach out and I will send it to you.



Just a friendly reminder about the importance of sponsorships this year. Don’t be shy to ask those you know to support your organization. Every dollar counts!


Upcoming shows:

A little thin, but we are starting to see some tentative shows for April already.

  • NVR Winter Series Show 2: Dec. 17 at Pape Arena in Lynden. Show starts at 930AM
    • Fig 8, Keyhole, Poles, Cal Stake, Polo Turn
  • NVR Winter Series Show 3: Jan. 14 at Pape Arena in Lynden. Show starts at 930AM
  • Appleatchee – 4/15-16/23
  • Appleatchee – 5/20-21/23
  • PSHA O-Mok-See – 6/16-18/23.

Thanks for your time and investment in PSHA. I wish you all the best through the holidays and into the New Year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your executive team if you have questions or need help with the website.


Merry Christmas!