February Newsletter

Posted: 1/17/2024

February Newsletter

Hello Friends. It’s been a while since I’ve sent a newsletter your way. But we’re starting to see the weather turn and I know many of you are thinking about getting back in the arena … if you ever left. 

We’re in February. Shows will get starting in earnest in just over a month. Crazy to think, isn’t. Feels like it’s been a long time since convention and ages since Interstate. Did I mention we won? 

While it’s been quiet, it hasn’t been silent, and activities are building to a head. Mostly this has been a time to get prizes together, fundraise and get organized for the coming year. Many of you have seen the Facebook posts to get bucket sponsors put together and you’ve really responded. We still have a few buckles to get covered. A bigger need right now is saddles. We’ve got 3 saddles sponsored and looking for 5 more. Yes, they are bigger dollars, but we know it can happen! At some point in the not so distant future we’ll have to make the call to move to headstalls and breast collars in the age groups. We have the Individual Event Horse and All Around covered. Please reach out if you have questions. You’ll see more from the State Finals committee below. We’ve also included the sponsorship form for your reference and use. 

As for State Finals, things are coming together. Melonie has been working with a lot of people to dial in the plan. So thankful to all that have given her support. Below you’ll see she has started working on the list of jobs that need to be done. She’ll be looking for volunteers to spearhead something or just keep other things organized. This is a village and will take several of us to keep it dialed. 

Interstate: It’s pretty exciting to have Interstate back in Washington. Even more exciting that it will be in Wenatchee at Appleatchee! Our princesses are doing well and you’ll get a chance to see them more as the season hits full swing. Look for Princess Jojo and Princess Emma in an arena near you. Welcome them, help them fundraise and encourage them to do a Rodeo Run and ask them impromptu questions! They are both fantastic young ladies that are working hard for Interstate and representing Washington well!

Convention: Things went really well at convention. It was a great venue and Silver Reef Casino really took great care of us. Very thankful for them. We’re still looking for ideas for next year. If you have ideas or want to take on the coordination of Convention, please let me know and I’ll help you. It doesn’t have to be the last weekend in October. It can move forward or back a week or two. Some would prefer that it isn’t the last weekend of October – This year the 26th and 27th. 

Website: It seems that the website continues to be a success. Thank you to Ryan and Lesa for all their work helping make this go. We have great news here. Over the winter, Emma (Vine) Murphy volunteered to take on learning the website and do her best to start maintaining and making it even more special. Thank you Emma! Lesa and I are excited to start passing the torch to younger (and smarter) members that can bring their skillsets into the organization! Not to mention, Lesa is ready to retire! 😊

Speaking of bringing on new people, we’re looking for a new Junior Rider Representative. You can see this in the by-laws. But it’s much more about being a voice for the Juniors if we need to take something to a vote of the Board. Further, in the past, this position has worked to unite Juniors for fund raising and working to develop our junior riders. Let me know if you’re interested. I can help guide you and connect you with past junior representatives to see what they did. 

That’s all for me. Keep reading for a note from your State Finals Chair or take a look at the attached notes. And … keep cheering on Spring.

See you soon!



State Finals Chair Notes:

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Now that it is officially 2024, I am all in on STATE FINALS! And WE NEED YOU!!!! State Finals will be held at Appleatchee August 9-11, 2024.  It may feel early to some of you as you look at those ponies out in the mud and yuck, but it really is time to start working on a lot of the pieces. I KNOW we have a lot of untapped talent and resources among our wonderful group of members statewide! I think PSHA State Finals has been one of the best shows put on in Washington for gaming clubs and we want to keep it that way and INCLUDE all of you! 

Maybe you have a love for design and know someone that works for a print company and would like to take on the program? Maybe you love to chat with business and collect samples and donations for the welcome bags? Are you or someone you know interested in taking photos??? Do you want to sing the National Anthem? You get the drift!

Here is a list of some of the jobs we need to cover. Please reach out if there is something you may be interested in! Some jobs need attention sooner than later and some will be needed on that weekend only.

  • Welcome Bag Organizer/ Committee
  • Grand Entry Organizer
  • Secret Pal Organizer
  • Apparel Designer/Organizer
  • Program Designer/Organizer
  • Camping/Parking Organizer
  • Office Crew member
  • Points Calculation Crew member
  • Photographer
  • Awards Set Up Crew member
  • Photo Backdrop Creator/ Organizer
  • Gate Crew Organizer
  • Best Dressed Organizer
  • Music Organizer (for Teams songs etc.)
  • National Anthem Organizer

2024 State Sponsor Form

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!