February Newsletter

Posted: 2/22/2023

new february


Happy Valentines to all of you. I am sure you spent most of your attention on your favorite furry valentine.


This last month has come with some sad news for our PSHA Family as we’ve lost a few of our treasured friends since I last wrote. Julie Sauve, LaMae Weinz and Dan Jagla. The legacy you’ve made and impact you’ve had on our organization is immeasurable. There is no way my words can do it justice. The best I have is, Thank you. We’ll miss you.


The other updates:



We continue to learn and use the new website. Things are happening on the new site, and we continue to develop more. Continue to watch the calendar and check in as we add forms and information. Lesa and Ryan have been getting a lot of great things done. Kena is adding shows.

If you have questions, please reach out to us.



We’re still looking for sponsors to make State Finals great. There is a real effort to get saddles for each age group as well as All Around saddles. We really appreciate any and all efforts to raise the funds. If you aren’t sure what to do, reach out to Kelsey Morgan or Melonie Parks to get some help.


Rules Committee:

See Lesa’s note below. The Rule Books are done and out to specific people within each region. Great work Rules Committee.


Upcoming Shows:

The next show is in April. The calendar is starting to fill up fast. Check out the Website for the best look at what is going on. Great work everyone!


Thank you so much to all of the people that are helping make things happen for this organization even when we aren’t riding. So many thanks to Lesa Bland and Kena Hernandez for all their work these last couple months helping me out. I greatly appreciate it!


That’s all I have for now. Have a great month! The season is almost here.


See you soon!





From the Rules Committee:


New 2023 Rulebooks are completed.  This year the cover is bright green, so every timers table at the shows should have one.  We have sent home with Marv Tjoelker, Nate Morgan, and Krystal Sweetser some rulebooks so if you are needing books for your shows please contact them.  Also a digital copy of the rulebook is on the website currently.  The rules committee clarified that Judges can use the digital copy on their phones instead of having a hard copy.  If you so choose to have a hard copy you can, just need to ask the members mentioned above or contact one of the Rules Committee members and one will be sent to you.

Rules clinic zoom style will take place March 13th at 7:30 pm with Lesa Bland.  If you are interested in joining, please before the date, send her your e-mail address, a copy of your outdated officials card, and make sure you are a paid current member to lbland@televar.com.   If this date does not work for you and you are in need, there will be another date of March 20th at 7:30 pm.  Remember your official card expired 12/31/2022.

If you would like to become an official judge, timer, or a second timer, please contact any one of us and we can make that happen.

Thank you to all of our officials, without you the show could not happen.

Lesa Bland, Chairman, Jill English, Larry Tjoelker, and Terri Balcom, your rules committee members.