January Newsletter

Posted: 1/13/2023

January Newsletter


Happy New Year! I hope the new year is bringing all a little bit of excitement for a new PSHA season.

Hopefully you all got out for a new Christmas or New Years ride. And I hope you were all able to enjoy the snow, not just swear at it!

With a New Year comes New Opportunities … or at least another chance at some of the same horse opportunities. I am always curious what goals people set for themselves as they head into the new competition year. Some have a bit of a start on their averages as they have hit some winter shows. Speaking of which, the last of the NVR winter series is this weekend in Lynden.

Here are a few other updates:

New Website:

Did you hear we have a new website? Seriously. We do! And yes, it’s been updated with the latest show results, so you can go check your averages … or lack thereof.

We still have things we’re working on. We’ve been trying to add show dates that we know about. At this point, there aren’t many. But we’ll keep working at it.

Some have been asking, “When is State Finals?” … It’s the second weekend in August, which translates to August 11-13. It’s not on the New Website yet, but it’s coming.


State Finals, you say? Do you know that you can raise sponsorship money for State Finals? Yep! You really can. We’ve gotten a few good sponsorships from people that are hoping to get saddles back in each age group. Hoping we can see that continue, please take a shot and do what you can!

New Rulebooks:

The new rulebooks are at the printers. See the note included from Lesa and the Rules Committee.


Upcoming shows:

  • NVR Winter Series Show 3: Jan. 14 at Pape Arena in Lynden. Show starts at 900AM
  • Appleatchee – 4/15-16/23
  • Appleatchee – 5/20-21/23
  • PSHA O-Mok-See – 6/16-18/23.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


From the Rules Committee:

The PSHA 2023 rulebook is at the printers this week and should be done soon.  When completed we will mail out to all show chairs 2023 books for your shows.  Also, Lesa is learning how to get a copy on the website that will better serve the membership.  She will let you know when that has been accomplished, thank you for your patience.  If your club is in need of a rules clinic, please contact Lesa Bland at lbland@televar.com to set up a meeting.  All judges and timers cards expire 12-31-2022 unless you attended the Annual Meeting rules clinic in October 2022, then you are good to go!!!!