March Newsletter

Posted: 3/20/2023

News March


Is spring in the air? I can’t really tell. It’s raining, snowy, sunshiny, cold and windy. Yep … It’s definitely Spring. March is kind of a cool month for us in PSHA land … for a couple of reasons.


Yes, the temperatures are still a bit on the cool side. You notice how many of our members find themselves in Arizona? Also cool because daylight savings just hit and there’s more time to be outside with the horses after work … in the cold. Cool because we’re actually less than a month away from an actual show weekend … where it’s likely to be a bit cold. Here’s a few other reasons why it’s cool from my nerdy perspective. The numbers are pretty … well, … neat! We also had Pi Day on the 14th. And, wait for it, …. Palindrome week (actually 10 days) is upon us! 3/20/23 through 3/29/23!!!!


Okay, that’s enough of my drivel. Here’s a few of the things going on:



We had a few issues with forms and other things going on. We have most of that fixed now. There continue to be things that we’re improving and trying to make better. We’re gaining!

It was brought up that you may need a refresher on logging in to the website. You can go on the web site: and register:



You can register with your email or rider number. You can search for your rider number without logging in.


Then you can get in there and see averages, times and more.



Kelsey, Melonie and the State Finals team have been pushing fund raising on Facebook and you’ve responded! Thank you! There are still a lot of opportunities to raise funds and get donations into the team. Keep up the great work. If you aren’t sure what to do, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Thank you!


Rules Committee:

Lesa put together our first real Zoom Judges meeting this week. Jill was great to lead it and I hope all enjoyed it. This is a great tool that we’re able to leverage around the state. Please reach out to the committee to set it up if you’re interested! Great job by Lesa and the committee.



We are working at getting Convention put together back on the west side of the mountains. We have some pricing that we’re working through and trying to dial in the weekend. Availability is a little tight. We are trying for late October (28-29 if possible) but may need to be Nov. 4-5. It could move to Oct. 21-22 as well. Sorry that we aren’t locked in but know that it is in the works. I hope to have more in the next couple of weeks! Likely looking at Angel of the Winds or Silver Reef Casinos.


Upcoming Shows:

April 15: NVR Show – Aloha Games

April 15-16: Appleatchee

April 29-30: Valley Riders

May 6-7: Agnew Riders

May 13-14: Valley Riders


Spring has sprung and we’re on the cusp of another COOL season with all the numbers and dates to go with it.


Talk to you soon!