September Newsletter

Posted: 9/25/2023

September 2023 Newsletter

Hello again PSHA Family. It’s been a whirl wind the last 6 to 8 weeks. The season ended and we quickly pivoted to an amazing State Finals. And before I knew it, we were at Interstate. And now I am turning my attention to Convention 2023. A lot has happened since I was able to put together a newsletter for you, so let’s take a look at all the happenings!

State Finals: What a great event it was this year. We had a lot of first-time competitors. We had some incredibly fast runs. We had an amazing, good time! To note a few of the fast times, to be in the top 8 fastest Cal Stake runs, you had to run a 7.747. Top 8 in poles had to be a 21.3. Top 8 in Key Race an 8.379. The competition was fantastic. It was only trumped by the camaraderie. Thank you to everyone who helped out, pitched in and made things go. I appreciate it. A big thanks to Kelsey and her team for putting together and creating a great event for everyone!

Interstate: Wow … Just Wow. I can’t fully express how proud I am of the collective team effort. It was by far the best team ride I have seen from our Washington Riders in the 15-plus years that I have been around. We had people smoking fast runs. We had people running poles and barrels the opposite direction to make sure they stayed clean. Each and every ride made a difference in a resounding WASHINGTON WIN 1621 to 1489!!! We just consistently went out and got a team point win event after event, winning 11 of 17 total events. And our teams brought home the most points in 5 of the 7 team events. We won our share of buckles. We took home both High Point Saddles. Congrats to JoJo Lindsay and Jessica Bailes! They were the example of clean and fast. While I am proud of all our riders, I want to give a big shout out to all our Juniors. In the High point standings, they were 9 of the top 12 junior riders. They were dominant!

Convention: We are putting the final details together for Convention. If you haven’t already, please get your rooms booked. Rates are $139 per night for King or Double Queen Room. You can call 866-383-0777 and mention Patterned Speed Horse. Also, you can stay in your RV/LQ out in the South Lot for free. We are working on finalizing Dinner plans soon as well as some fun, entertainment, and games. We’ll also be doing a little fundraising as well.

We really hope that you’re there. This is one of the things that makes PSHA different and unique. We encourage our members to get involved. You have input into how this organization is run.

I am looking forward to seeing you over the weekend of October 27-29.


That is really all I have for now. But please look below to get a feel for the Convention schedule and proposals.


See you at Convention!




The schedule will look like this:

  • Friday night: Gather at your leisure and enjoy social time as a PSHA Family.
  • Saturday:
    • 9AM: Meeting – Convention Hall
    • 530PM: Open Bar – Convention Hall
      • Fund Raising will start – details to come!
    • 6PM: Dinner Buffet
    • AWARDS: As dinner is wrapping up. (About 7PM)
    • Fun & Games follow awards.
    • Enjoy the evening!
  • Sunday:
    • 830AM: Rules committee Meeting – Theatre Room
    • 9AM: Judges and Timers Meeting – New Cards – Theatre Room


This year’s Proposals that will be covered during the meeting.



Section XX: Classic Show

Submitted by Karina Heiting-Sogge


I propose we add a new section, following Section 14 Interstate Championship Meet, Section XX: Classic Show


  1. A Classic Show may be sponsored by any club. All Classic Shows must be on the same date if multiple Classic Shows are scheduled. Each Classic Show Chairman must contact the Vice President to set up such show(s) and follow show approval process. No other show(s) will be approved on that said date, except in case of a rainout or weather impact, the Classic Show may be rescheduled against another show. Classic show management must return, within forty-eight (48) hours, arena sheets and records. Arena sheets and records must be emailed and sent first class mail to State Times Keeper. NOTE PSHA rules to be followed.
  2. Entry Fees: The entry fee will be set by the club sponsoring Classic Show. Seventy-five cents ($0.75), per ride, will be paid to PSHA State Treasurer for State Finals. Two cents ($0.02) per ride will be paid to PSHA State Treasurer for Classic Show.
  3. Qualifications: Independent horse/rider combinations with a qualifying 3-time average, and not subject to any other disqualifications under Section 5 and 12, will be permitted to compete in the Classic Show. PSHA Secretary will email membership list to all show chairpersons of Classic Shows before said weekend. All entry fees must be paid before competitor rides. No classification in the event means no entry. A current year three-time average must be established in each event. The State Times Recorder records will be used to determine if a three-time average has been established unless arena sheets are available to prove differently. All events to be run under current PSHA Rules.
  4. Competition: All horse and rider combinations may only compete once in each event. All events will be run under current PSHA rules. Events to run as Junior 17 and under and Senior 18 and older as determined by August 1st.
  5. Disqualifications: An invitation to a current year State Finals Championship event will disqualify a horse/rider combination from competing in that event at the Classic Show. A horse cannot compete against itself in the same age division. Exception: A rider who meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act may ride a horse at the Classic that has received an invitation to State Finals with a different rider, provided the rider has met the three-ride average requirement on the horse.
  6. Events: Keyhole, Keyrace, Pole Bending, Barrels, Figure 8, California Stake Race, Individual Flags, 2-Man Stake, 2-Man Three Barrel Flags, and Rescue Race, but not necessarily in this order.
  7. Awards: Awards will be determined by club sponsoring a Classic Show and will be awarded when show committee determines time and place.


Section 11: State Show Approval, A. Approval Fee


I propose we add the following to the end of Section 11, A. Approval: $0.02 per ride, including non-members, in all PSHA approved events will be directed to fund Classic Show awards.

It would read like this

  1. Approval Fee: $10.00 per day plus 75 cents per ride, including non-members, in all PSHA approved events and $0.02 per ride, including non-members, in all PSHA approved events will be directed to fund Classic Show.



  1. To support PSHA mission of promoting an atmosphere conducive to learning for the new horse and rider and to promote the highest level of competition for all riders at all levels.
  2. To support the growth and inclusion of new members and encourage prospective PSHA members to join the organization.

To support current, long time and existing PSHA members with new horses, young horses, beginning horses or horses in training for future preparation in State Finals.


Proposal 1:

By-Law Proposal:

Submitted by Lesa Bland

Page 81 Article VI Appointed Officers


I propose that "Article VI Appointed Officers", add Section 4 titled Social Media Coordinator.


President is to appoint a Social Media Coordinator. The Social Media Coordinator shall perform such duties as shall be assigned to him/her and shall exercise such powers as may be granted to him/her by the President. These duties will include Facebook Administration of the PSHA Facebook page, promoting PSHA events on social media platforms and posting reminders of upcoming events and deadlines. The Social Media Coordinator is a member of the Board of Directors.


This will also affect Page 75 Article III Board of Directors. Also opening sentence on Page 81 Article VI Appointed Officers.




Proposal 2:

Submitted by Lesa Bland

Page 45: Team Pole Bending – Team of Four – Event:


I propose to add to end of paragraph: “The start/finish line is only open for the passing of horses. If a horse should cross the start/finish line while running the pattern the team will be given a No Time.”  Arena crew will reset downed poles. 


The new section will read:

Event: The first rider rides the pole bending course, crosses the finish line and then the next rider rides the course until all four riders have completed the course. Clarification: Start/Finish line is open when the first rider runs on course and closes when the 4th rider runs the course. The start/finish line is only open for the passing of horses. If a horse should cross the start/finish line while running the pattern the team will be given a No Time. Arena crew will reset downed poles.



Proposal 3:

Submitted by Melonie Parks

Page 59 Section 13 State Finals Championship Show, C. Qualification:


I propose to add “from at least two weekends.” To the first sentence. Sot that the rule would read:

  1. Qualification: Based on an average of three (3) best times from at least two weekends during the current season.


The intent of this proposal is to encourage more riding through the state. We used to require two different arenas. But with the reducing number of arenas, that doesn’t seem as feasible as requiring multiple weekends of riding.



Proposal 4:

Submitted by Kelvin Plagerman

Page 59 Section 13 State Finals Championship Show, D. Invitations to State Finals, 1:


I propose to add:

If any of the 4-man team events do not fill with 12 teams there will be an option for a $75 per event buy in at state finals for all individuals that want to participate. The list of teams would be on a first come first serve basis when all team members have accepted their invitations. Only horse/rider combinations that are already riding at state finals will be allowed to run in these team events. These teams will run before teams that have qualified. The State Finals committee will have final say on all participants to run in these team events.


The intent is to fill classes and create more revenue.



Proposal 5:

Submitted by Kelvin Plagerman

Page 59 Section 13 State Finals Championship Show, D. Invitations to State Finals:


I propose to add: Every horse/rider combination that runs in group 1 or group 2 at state finals will be given the option of a re-ride after the conclusion of the running of groups 3 and 4. The re-ride option must be requested before the next group of riders begins to run. 


Intent: This is an incentive to be in the top 30 riders going into state finals and encourage more riding throughout the regular season.



Proposal 6:

Submitted by Kelvin Plagerman

Page 59 Section 13 State Finals Championship Show, D. Invitations to State Finals:


I propose to add: Every horse/rider combination that runs in group 1 at state finals be given $10 per event qualified. This can be done either as a bonus check or taken off entry fees.


Intent: This is an incentive to push to be in the top 15 of state finals and to encourage more riding throughout the regular season.